Florida Denied Tower Hill Property Claim Lawyer If your insurer denied your property damage claim and you think the denial was unfair, a lawyer might be able to help.

You might want to work with a lawyer to get Tower Hill Insurance to pay you the money you deserve for your covered loss if the insurer wrongly denied your property damage claim. Insurance companies give lots of excuses for why they deny claims. An attorney can cut through the red tape of your denied Tower Hill property claim, advocate for you, negotiate directly with the insurer, and file a lawsuit if necessary, to protect your rights.

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Three Things to Do After Tower Hill Has Denied Your Property Claim

In the stress of the moment, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You have a significant loss from the damage to your property. As if that were not bad enough, your insurance company, to whom you have paid your premiums religiously, refuses to pay your claim.

Here are some tips for how to deal with a denial of a property damage claim:

Get the Denial and Reasons for the Denial in Writing

As soon as the insurance company heads down the path of being uncooperative, you should document everything, including that Tower Hill denied your claim and the reason it gave for not paying your loss. Make sure that the denial has the name of the person who denied your claim and the date of the denial.

Additional Information

Ask the insurer what additional information or documentation they need. Make this request in writing and keep a copy. Make sure that the paper includes the date you made the request. Do your best to give the adjuster everything they request, within reason. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, but try to keep your conduct professional.


In writing, ask the insurer to reconsider the decision. Point out any incorrect information on the insurer’s reports or omitted information if those items could have contributed to the denial of your claim. If the insurance company still refuses to pay your claim, it could be time to talk with a lawyer to go after the compensation you deserve in your denied Tower Hill property claim.

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What Can Cause the Denial of a Property Claim

Insurance companies offer many reasons for denying property damage claims. Here are a few of the frequently used grounds:

Inspector Overlooked Some of the Damage

If the person who inspected the damage did not make meticulous notes of every item of damage, the insurer will deny your claim for payment of losses that are not on the form.

You have several options when the company’s inspector missed some of the damage. You can:

  • Provide your own evidence of the loss, like photographs and repair estimates.
  • Hire an inspector to write up an independent report.
  • Request a reinspection from the insurer.
  • Turn the claim over to a lawyer, who can try to work out the dispute for you.

You might try one or more of these options, and if they do not succeed, talk to a lawyer.

Battle of the Forms

The insurance company might deny your claim on the grounds that your appraiser or professional adjuster used a different form than your insurance company requires. It does not matter that the form your appraiser or professional adjuster used is the standard in the industry or that it contains more information than the insurer’s form. Insurance companies can be real sticklers about forms.

The insurer might require that you use forms the insurance company created. Some companies refuse to process claims if you do not use the firm’s proprietary claim form, inventory sheet, or any other paperwork.

Buying Time

The insurance company might have enough money to pay the claim, but it is the insurer’s general business practice to deny claims and make homeowners jump through hoops. Insurance companies invest their assets to generate income. The longer the insurer holds on to your premiums, the more money the company makes from investing those funds.

For some insurance companies, delays are an economic necessity. The insurer might not have enough assets to cover losses, particularly if they receive many claims at one time. This situation tends to happen with insurance companies that have not been in business for very long, are small ventures, or have inadequate capitalization. These insurers pay claims as they can afford to, and delay payment to the ones they cannot pay right away.

Natural Disaster

Well-established, large insurance companies usually have enough employees to process claims professionally in the event of a natural disaster that leads to thousands of property damage claims. Some other companies do not maintain an adequate number of employees to work an avalanche of claims in these situations. Your insurer might blame delays and wrongful denials on the natural disaster, but the real culprit is the insurance company’s failure to prepare for a foreseeable event.

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What A Lawyer Can Do for You

It can be stressful when your insurer denies your claim for property damage after an event like a hurricane or burst pipe. You want to get the loss fixed and get things back to normal. The inconvenience of property damage can add many things to your plate, and you might have to focus on getting through each day.

We can reach out to the insurer and try to resolve the dispute for you. We can negotiate directly with the company and advocate for coverage of the loss. If the insurer refuses to pay a valid claim, we can file a lawsuit to ask a judge to order payment of your loss. If the judge decides that the insurance company did not act honestly or in good faith, the judge can direct the insurer to pay your reasonable attorney fees.

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