Florida Denied Scottsdale Property Claim Lawyer If you have recently received a denied Scottsdale property claim, you have options, including filing a lawsuit.

If you are trying to collect reimbursement from Scottsdale Insurance but have a denied Scottsdale property claim, you may need to consider hiring a property attorney.

Getting your claim denied is no doubt disappointing, but it is not the final word — especially if you have a Florida property claim attorney to fight on your behalf.

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Your Rights as a Homeowner in Florida

If you believe your insurance company is causing unnecessary delays in the processing of your claim, or has given you insufficient information as to why your claim has been denied, you do have rights under Florida law to contest it.

You can file a complaint with the state of Florida online, by phone or via mail. By statute, the insurance companies have 20 days to respond once a complaint has been filed.

In addition, you have certain protections and rights under the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights:

  • Once you have submitted your initial claim, your insurance company must acknowledge receipt of that claim within 14 days.
  • If you requested it in writing, you must receive confirmation of your claim status, including whether or not it is being fully covered, requires further investigation, or has been denied outright within 30 days of being received by your insurance company.
  • Within 90 days, your insurance company must send either all or a portion of the reimbursement of your claim or provide a written statement as to why it has been denied.

These rights were designed to protect homeowners from unduly slow processing, but they won’t prevent you from getting an unreasonable denied Scottsdale property claim. In the event your claim is denied, you may need to hire a property insurance attorney for assistance in getting that decision overturned.

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Why You May Receive a Denied Scottsdale Property Claim

When are you trying to get your life back on track after dealing with significant property damage or loss the last thing you expect or want is for your insurance company to deny your claim. Insurance companies typically use a number of reasons to explain why your claim has been denied, including:

Deductible Exceeds Loss

If the replacement or repair cost of your claim is lower than your deductible, your claim will be declined. For example, if you have a $1,500 deductible on your insurance policy, but the repair cost of your property damage is $1,100, your claim will be denied. Similarly, if your repair cost is $1,800, you would only be eligible to receive $300 after the deductible is paid.

Specific “Peril” Not Covered

The term for a particular cause of damage or loss is “peril” in an insurance policy. Flood, windstorm, or fire are examples of “peril.” If your damage was caused by hail or something as exotic as debris falling from the sky, it may be not be covered by your policy.

False Information on Application

The first thing an insurance company will do, after you submit a claim, is to review your original insurance application. If they determine you exaggerated or falsified any of the information at that time, they may find a reason to deny your current claim. Therefore, it is vital that you keep your insurance company apprised of any additions to your home or other significant investment in the property so it can be included.

Missed or Unpaid Premiums

Keeping current with your insurance premiums is extremely important. If you have missed any payments, or have been chronically late, your insurance company may attempt to deny reimbursement of your claim.

No matter what reason your insurance company comes up with to deny or underpay your claim, a property insurance attorney may be able to argue successfully in your favor to reverse the denial.

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What a Property Insurance Attorney Can Do

It is up to you to prove the insurance company is wrong if you have a denied Scottsdale property claim in Florida. While it seems like you are a small fish in a big ocean, you do have options, and you are not powerless. You may want to consider hiring a property insurance attorney to fight on your behalf.

In addition to reducing your stress and anxiety about having to deal with a denied claim, a property attorney can assist with:

  • Collecting the necessary evidence of your loss to help prove your claims are legitimate.
  • Completing the detailed paperwork associated with your claim.
  • Interpreting the fine print in your existing insurance policy.
  • Negotiating directly with your insurance company’s team of lawyers and adjusters.
  • Filing a lawsuit in civil court against your insurance company if a settlement is impossible.

Under Florida law, if you end up having to file suit against the insurance company and you win, the insurance company is required to pay your legal fees.

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What You Will Need to Dispute a Claim

After you have received a denied Scottsdale property claim in Florida, an attorney will work with you to put together an appeal. You will need to collect certain documentation to strengthen your case.

If you have had to make any temporary or emergency repairs after the damage has occurred, make sure you saved all relevant receipts. In addition, you will want to collect receipts for other expenses you have had to pay out of pocket for things like temporary lodging, if your home was uninhabitable, or replacement of personal items like bedding or clothing.

You may need to provide more photographic or video evidence of the damage. If you have any old photos or videos that show the property before the damage occurred, they will be useful in showing the full extent of your damage.

Finally, an attorney will want to see any estimates for repairs that you have already received from contractors. You may need to get new estimates as well.

Finding an Insurance Property Attorney

If you have a denied Scottsdale property claim in Florida, do not give up. Finding someone to help you may seem like a daunting task, but we can help.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to overturn your denied claim and secure the compensation you deserve. Our team will assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and will negotiate on your behalf directly with your insurance company.

During a free case evaluation, we will answer any questions you have and thoroughly review your options and next steps.

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