Florida Denied Olympus Property Claim Lawyer If Olympus Insurance denied your property insurance claim, we may be able to help.

There are many struggles for families dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane or other disaster, but dealing with your property insurance company should not be one of them.

If you or a loved one purchased property insurance through Olympus Insurance and Olympus Insurance has denied your claim, call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine right away. Our team can review your insurance policy, study the specifics of your case, and fight to protect your right to the compensation you deserve—freeing you up to focus on your family. Our team can work toward getting you the justice you deserve in your denied Olympus property claim appeal.

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Six Reasons Olympus Will Deny Your Property Claim

The only thing that can make extensive property damage worse is receiving a denial from your insurance company. These are the six most likely reasons that you received a denial:

  1. Not filing on time. If you fail to meet the strict deadlines imposed by the state, your claim will be denied.
  2. Non-payment of premiums. Failure to keep up with insurance payments can lead Olympus to deny your claim.
  3. Inaccurate claims. If the damage you reported to Olympus does not match their observations when they come to do their own inspection, this could lead to a denial.
  4. Insufficient evidence of damages. You will need to be able to show evidence of the damages you claimed if asked.
  5. Exclusion clauses. Every property insurance policy has a few exclusions buried in the fine print. Olympus Insurance may try to argue that the cause of your property damage is excluded by your policy.
  6. Failure to protect property from further loss. Olympus Insurance may argue that your actions left the property exposed to additional damages, such as by failing to place a tarp over a hole in your roof.

If your property claim was denied for any of the above reasons—or for any other reason—our team may be able to help. Let us review your property insurance claim for free to learn more about what our team can do to protect your rights.

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How to Dispute an Olympus Property Claim Denial

Disputing a denied claim properly requires you or your lawyer to go through a number of steps, including:


Our team can help you understand your rights as they relate to your specific Olympus Insurance policy. We can determine why Olympus denied your property claim and discuss the additional steps that may be available to you in order to refute it.

Collect Evidence

Our team can help you document your losses thoroughly and completely. This will involve many pictures, taken from many different angles, and plenty of documentation. An independent appraisal can help provide additional numbers we can use to compare against Olympus’s offer if it is too low to adequately compensate you for your losses.

Disputing Homeowners’ Negligence 

If Olympus Insurance alleges that you failed to maintain the property according to the proper codes and standards, we can help you defend yourself against these allegations.

Make Sure you Appeal the Claim Properly 

There are many forms to file and deadlines to adhere to when appealing your claim. Our team can ensure everything is taken care of in the proper way and within the appropriate time limit.

If you have a denied Olympus property claim appeal as well, we can carry on the fight by filing a complaint with your local state insurance board.

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Take the Safe Approach and Call a Property Damage Lawyer

Our team of lawyers and investigators are ready and able to help with your claim. Some of the ways we can assist you include:

  • Representation. We can represent you during alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation; at the negotiating table; and, if necessary, in court to protect your right to pursue the compensation you deserve. 
  • Personalized service. When you hire our firm, you can rest easy knowing that our team is there for you 24/7. We will keep you informed about the latest developments, so you can spend more time with your family. 
  • Free initial consultation. When you call to discuss the details of your case, we will review the specifics for free. There is no obligation associated with your call.

We Can Get Started Today

If you or a loved one received a denial after filing a claim on your Olympus Insurance property insurance policy, the team from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to help. Call today at 1-800-747-3733 about your denied Olympus property claim to get started with a free consultation.