St. Petersburg Highway Accident Lawyer The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you if you suffered injuries due to a negligent driver.

If your life has been turned upside down due to a highway accident, you could have legal options when it comes to pursuing compensation for your damages.

A St. Petersburg highway accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can investigate your accident and establish if you have financial recovery options. We can help you with filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit. If successful, you could recover compensation for a wide range of injury-related losses.

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Negligence in Highway Accidents

Highway accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, such as serious fractures, head and brain trauma, and spinal cord injuries. Recovering compensation can be crucial for victims who may face a lifetime of medical bills, income losses, and other steep expenses.

Accidents on busy highways can be complicated to understand as they can involve several vehicles. In a multivehicle pileup, determining the at-fault party (or parties) can be challenging. However, your lawyer can help identify all at-fault parties in your case. This is important as you could seek compensation from multiple insurers. 

Your car accident lawyer can launch an investigation to prove the following elements in your case:

  • The other driver(s) had a reasonable duty of care toward you.
  • They violated the duty of care.
  • The violation caused your accident and injuries.
  • You suffered damages such as income losses and medical bills.

If someone else caused your accident and you now have steep medical bills and other expenses, you deserve justice, compassion, and help.

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Compensation You Could Receive in Your Case

If someone else is responsible for your damages, whether another driver, car manufacturer, or municipality, you could file a personal injury claim or lawsuit to recover compensation. While no two highway accident cases are identical, and compensation can vary, you could seek the following damages:

Economic Damages

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages, future lost wages, and future lost earning capacity
  • Costs for a home health aide or housekeeper
  • Costs for medications and medical equipment
  • Costs for repair or replacement of the vehicle
  • Transport or car rental costs

Non-Economic Damages 

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of a sense, such as eyesight
  • Permanent disability

You could also receive other types of compensation in your particular highway accident case. Your St. Petersburg highway accident lawyer can help calculate your damages and assess the cost of your case.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine work for car accident victims and have recovered numerous settlements for our clients. We could help you get justice and compensation, too. Moreover, when we take your case, you do not have to worry about upfront attorney’s fees as we get paid only when we win a case, and you receive compensation.

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We Handle the Insurance Company for You

If you or a loved one got hurt in a highway accident, knowing how to handle the insurance company can be crucial for recovering your due. If you suffered serious or life-altering injuries, a lot will be at stake.

Even though Florida is a no-fault state, do not let this deter you from seeking legal action. We will first start your case by filing a claim with your insurer. However, if you are left with outstanding expenses or otherwise cannot get the money you need, we can pursue the other party and their insurer.

In service of your insurance claim, our team can:

  • Calculate the cost of your damages.
  • Review your coverage options.
  • Demonstrate fault and negligence.
  • Communicate with the claims adjuster on your behalf.
  • Explain your legal options.
  • Negotiate a settlement.

We can also protect you against the insurer’s attempts to take advantage of you. You only need to worry about getting better while your St. Petersburg highway accident lawyer can handle all your legal issues.

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We Can File a Lawsuit if Your Insurance Claim Is Unsuccessful 

In many cases, we can get an insurance company to offer a fair settlement. However, despite your attorney’s best attempts, the insurance company may still refuse to pay.

When this happens, we can explain whether taking your case to court could be an option. Your car accident attorney can see your lawsuit through from beginning to end. They will analyze your case’s facts and collect all relevant evidence, such as photographs of the accident, police reports, and proof of your injuries.

Florida Statutes § 95.11 outlines how long you have to file a lawsuit. You typically have four years from the accident date to file a lawsuit, although some exceptions under Florida Statutes § 95.051 may apply to your situation. Your lawyer can provide guidance if they do.

We Can Fight for Your Rights

We understand that the victims of car accidents may be hesitant to initiate legal action. Individuals who have suffered catastrophic, life-altering, and potentially permanent injuries have a lot on their plate. However, in some cases, legal action is the only way to get what you deserve.

However, do not wait too long to contact us for help. Start the process of getting justice now and call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levinefor a free consultation: 1-800-747-3733.