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You might be entitled to compensation if you were injured in a truck accident in St. Petersburg. You may also deserve compensation if your loved one passed away because of a truck accident in St. Petersburg. A St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer can handle your case for you.

It costs you nothing out-of-pocket to have the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine represent you after your truck accident. Their team will not receive a fee unless they successfully negotiate a settlement or win a judgment for you.

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A Lawyer May Recover Compensation for Your Injuries

Your truck accident may have left you ailing from one or more injuries. Your lawyer will aim to recover compensation for the costs related to those injuries.

Some of the injuries that may come from a truck accident are:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Fractured bones
  • Injuries to organs such as lungs, kidneys, spleen, and heart
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Slipped disc

A lawyer can help you receive medical attention for your injuries. They will also keep a record of your healthcare costs as well as the other losses that stem from your injuries.

Your lawyer may recover compensation for your medical expenses. Some of the medical costs you may incur because of your injuries are:

  • The cost of an ambulance ride from the scene of your truck accident
  • The cost of care you received in an emergency room
  • The cost of scans and other tests required to diagnose your injuries
  • The cost of hospitalization
  • The cost of follow-up medical appointments to evaluate your recovery progress

Your lawyer may also obtain compensation for non-medical costs that stem from you being injured. Some of those costs may include:

  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished earning power (once you return to work)
  • Loss of quality of life

Victims face unique challenges after their truck accidents. Your lawyer and their team will work with you and your doctors to determine each of the losses that you have suffered because of your truck accident.

A Lawyer May Complete an Insurance Claim for You

Some truck accident victims may choose to complete an insurance claim rather than a lawsuit. They may have several reasons for making this decision.

If you and your lawyer decide to pursue an insurance claim rather than a lawsuit, then your lawyer can oversee your claim. You may generally be eligible for coverage of your medical costs and property damage through an auto insurance claim. A truck driver and their employer may have applicable insurance that covers these (and possibly other) types of losses.

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Your Lawyer Can Protect You from Any Threats to Your Rights

Truck accidents can cause uncertainty and confusion for clients, and a lawyer will make sure that you are not taken advantage of after your accident.

The following parties may approach you after your accident and may have motives that are against your best interests. A lawyer can protect you from these parties by handling your case and allowing you to worry about getting better.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may regularly deal with truck accident victims. They may not have your personal interests in mind. Instead, insurance companies may be most concerned with their financial interests.

It is possible that one or more insurance representatives will:

  • Contact you about how your accident happened
  • Try to have you admit fault for your truck accident
  • Extend an insufficient compensation offer
  • Suggest that certain medical procedures are not necessary or that other losses are not covered by insurance

A lawyer may advise you not to make certain statements to insurance companies. They may also be able to negotiate fair compensation from one or more insurance companies.


If your truck accident leads to a lawsuit, then your lawyer may negotiate with one or more attorneys on your behalf. These attorneys may try to speak with you directly, and your lawyer can determine whether this is appropriate. They may instead handle all interactions with the attorneys for defendants in your lawsuit.

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that most civil cases end with a settlement. Even if you need to file a lawsuit to recover compensation, your lawyer will do everything in their power to reach an agreement before your lawsuit reaches a trial.

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More Reasons Why You May Hire a Lawyer

A lot of work goes into completing a lawsuit or insurance claim successfully. A lawyer will defend your rights and negotiate a settlement, but this is not the extent of how a lawyer may help you.

A lawyer and their team may also help you by:

  • Handling all paperwork related to your insurance claim or lawsuit
  • Calculating the cost of each of your accident-related losses
  • Dealing with insurance companies and other attorneys
  • Keeping you updated about your case without making you overly-involved in the legal or insurance process

You may not want to think about your truck accident, as doing so may cause you stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. A lawyer can fight your case while you focus your attention elsewhere.

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