Brain injuries vary widely in severity, but even the most minor concussions can cost you thousands of dollars. A visit to the emergency department, several days away from work, and emotional stress are possible even with a relatively minor head injury. If you or a loved one suffered a more serious traumatic brain injury in Florida, you may owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, require extensive rehabilitation or ongoing care, and may be unable to return to work.

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How Does Negligence Lead to Brain Injuries?

When a person acts recklessly or behaves in an unreasonable way, this may cause an accident and injuries may result. If negligence caused your injuries or the injuries of a loved one, we can likely hold the negligent party responsible for your damages. Negligence can play a role in almost any type of accident that causes a brain injury.


While many falls cause little more than scrapes and bruises, serious brain injuries are also possible. Negligence plays a role in causing many falls, because property owners do not pay attention to fall hazards on their property. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to repair or warn visitors of these hazards. If they do not uphold this responsibility, we can hold them liable under Florida’s premises liability laws.

Auto Accidents

If your brain injury caused you to suffer a disability or permanent injury, it likely meets Florida’s serious injury threshold. While the state’s complicated auto insurance laws limit your ability to file a civil suit in some cases, meeting the serious injury threshold allows us to file a claim for compensation. If we can provide evidence another driver caused your crash, we can probably negotiate a settlement with their auto insurer based on your serious brain injury.

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents are naturally more common in Florida than in other parts of the country. If another boater ignored safe practices on the water and this caused your accident and injuries, we can most likely hold them liable for the financial losses you suffered. Boating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the most common causes of boating accidents.

Violent Acts

Shootings, assaults, and other violent acts can cause severe brain injuries. While these cases also proceed to criminal court, we can file a civil claim to recover damages as well. We may be able to win your case even if the jury finds the perpetrator not guilty in their criminal trial. This is possible because the burden of proof is not as stringent in civil cases as it is in a criminal case.  

Other ways our clients suffer brain injuries include diving accidents, medical negligence, and defective product accidents. If you believe your brain injury—or the injury a loved one suffered—occurred because of negligence, we may be able to hold the at-fault party financially responsible for your damages.

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How Can I Get Compensation for My Brain Injury?

You need a skilled team of brain injury attorneys on your side to ensure you get the maximum payout possible for your personal injury claim. We understand the laws and statutes that apply in your case, whether that includes automobile tort, premises liability, medical malpractice, strict liability, or other areas of law. We can identify the at-fault party, file an insurance claim on your behalf, negotiate a fair settlement when possible, or litigate your case to recover the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys know how to proceed with your case. We will:

  • Work to show the liable party had a responsibility to protect you or act in a way that kept you safe;
  • Link your injuries to their behavior, usually using your medical records;
  • Prove the wide range of damages you suffered by collecting the bills and receipts documenting your losses; and
  • Fight for the maximum compensation available based on the facts of your accident and injury.

While we settle most cases out of court, our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and are not afraid of litigation when necessary. If we cannot reach a settlement that will give you the compensation you need to cover your losses, ongoing care expenses, and other damages, we will file a lawsuit against the liable party and go to court for the compensation you deserve.  

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What Types of Damages Are Available Through a Brain Injury Claim?

We can request compensation for all your financial losses related to your brain injury. This includes all of your current medical bills and lost wages to this point. In addition, we can recover money for your ongoing care costs and, if you cannot return to your previous job, your loss of income. Other possible damages could include property damage, required home renovations to make room for a wheelchair or other adaptive equipment, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, and other injury-related expenses.

We will also ask for compensation for your emotional losses, often called pain and suffering. These damages may eclipse the value of your actual financial losses several times over.

If we take your case to court, the judge may also order the liable party to pay punitive damages. These damages punish those who acted in a particularly heinous way or intentionally caused your accident. The goal is to prevent similar situations in the future, but you can benefit from these damages.  

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How Can I Talk About My Case With a Brain Injury Lawyer in North Miami?

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