Jacksonville Tropical Storm Property Claim Lawyer Tropical storms are a hazard that most Floridians are covered for, yet your claim could be denied or challenged.

Property losses caused by weather such as storms, wind, and lightning are typically covered under homeowners insurance, per Florida’s Division of Consumer Services (CFO). If you have suffered losses to your property as the result of a storm, your insurer may be liable to cover your losses. 

A Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyer with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can read your policy to determine the best legal options for your claim. We can help you navigate the claims process and any issues that may arise with a property claim.

We will Help You Pursue Compensation for Property Damage from a Tropical Storm

The specifics of your case will determine your options for pursuing compensation. For instance, your compensation may be determined based on the extent of your losses and the types of coverage available through your policy.

We could help you recover the following losses:

Repair and Replacement Costs

  • Structural impacts, including walls, roof, windows, and more
  • Interior impacts within the home
  • Impacts to ancillary units such as garages and storage units on your property
  • Impacts to your landscaping
  • Remediation costs, including those related to mold and water removal

Other Costs You Can Include in a Property Claim

  • Hotel stays necessary when your home is uninhabitable
  • Temporary roofing or board-up materials
  • Debris removal
  • Other lost or harmed property

One of our Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyers can detail the full extent of your losses and negotiate a fair settlement.

Why Work with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine?

After experiencing a tropical storm and losses to your property, we know you are dealing with many challenges. We don’t want your legal process to be an additional burden.

Our team takes pride in supportive client service. We will go the extra mile for you and your case. You can expect to:

  • Receive your attorney’s phone number
  • Get frequent case updates
  • Learn your options in easily-understood terms
  • Receive representation based on contingency 

Our Attorneys Can Get Started with no Upfront Fees

As part of our commitment to clients, we reduce the financial risk involved in seeking our help. Working based on contingency means that:

  • You don’t owe us any hourly rates or retainers.
  • We only get paid if we secure a settlement for you.
  • You don’t need to risk your own finances in order to get started.

We Understand the Impact of Tropical Storms in Jacksonville

With an office based in Jacksonville, we have seen the devastation that tropical storms and hurricanes can cause in our community. We are familiar with cases like yours and can see them through from start to finish.

We also know the serious effects that can be caused not only by severe winds from tropical storms but also from issues related to storm surge and flooding. As the nearby City of Jacksonville Beach notes, storm surge can lead to a number of issues for property owners in Northeast Florida, including massive waves, beach erosion, and impacts to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Our team is here to stand by Jacksonville residents impacted by tropical storms and protect their rights to a financial recovery.

Forms of Coverage That May be Available to Jacksonville Property Owners

There are many types of policies when it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida. It can be tricky to navigate the full range of coverages available to you.

  • Many homeowners and renters insurance policies cover tropical-storm-related losses through hurricane insurance coverage.
  • Your policy may also cover water impacts that may come as the result of a tropical storm or hurricane. This coverage is often referred to as flood insurance.

If you have a homeowners policy that covers hurricane or windstorm losses, you may also have a separate hurricane deductible. This is where we can come in and determine exactly what is available based on the details of your policy, what deductibles you may be required to pay, and more.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Deal with a Bad Faith Insurer

Insurers are bound to uphold the legal agreements they make with consumers who sign homeowners insurance policies with them. An insurance company must:

  • Not intentionally deceive the other party who signed the contract
  • Not use misleading or intentionally deceptive language within the contract itself
  • Live up to the terms of the contract as they were agreed upon
  • Not withhold critical information from the other party who signed the contract

The Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights under Florida Statutes § 627.7142 establishes the full rules and regulations between a policyholder and insurer. 

If your claim was wrongfully denied or your insurer is not offering enough compensation to cover your losses, then you may be experiencing certain tactics that may qualify as bad faith. You may be entitled to punitive damages. 

Bad Faith Practices You May Encounter

Your insurance company may:

  • Simply refuse to pay your claim
  • Conduct an insufficient investigation of your claim, which may include a biased investigation
  • Base a claim denial off of information that is untrue or exaggerated
  • Refuse to acknowledge your request for an independent appraisal
  • Cite language in your policy that was hidden, deceptive, or misleading
  • Dispatch lawyers as a means of intimidation

Our team of attorneys has seen insurers deny claims unjustly before, and they will likely be familiar with any tactics you are facing or you may face. A Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyer from our firm can help you take on the insurance company. You do not have to go through this alone.

Important Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Property Claim

After a tropical storm, your own safety and your family’s safety come first. After that, you can take steps to lay a strong foundation for your case.

  • Take photos: Be sure to capture images of the impacts to your property, including the inside and outside of your home and any ancillary buildings like garages.
  • Collect any receipts: If you spend money on removing water or mold, temporary board-up materials, hotel stays, and more, keep track of these costs.
  • Speak to someone from our team: Be sure to seek out a free case review. We can tell you more about your next steps and how we can seek a fair settlement.

There May Be Limited Time to Pursue Your Case in Florida

You could have limited time to seek the settlement you need, per Florida law. If you fail to meet the deadline to seek compensation, you may have no options for financial recovery.

We can inform you of any deadlines that may apply to your case and ensure that you comply with them, as long as you contact us in time.

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