Jacksonville Tropical Storm Property Claim Lawyer Tropical storms are a hazard that most Floridians are covered for, yet insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay out claims.

Property damage caused by the weather such as storms, wind, and lightning is typically covered under homeowners insurance. There are many types of policies when it comes to homeowners insurance in the Sunshine State. In Florida, many homeowners and renters insurance policies also cover water damage that may come as the result of a tropical storm or hurricane. If you have suffered damage to your property as the result of a storm, your insurer may be liable to cover your losses.

Too often, insurers that should pay for your losses refuse to do so regardless of your policy. In many instances, actions by the insurer may be taken in bad faith, and in these cases, you may actually be entitled to additional compensation. A Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyer can read your policy to determine the best legal options for your claim. If you have a homeowners’ policy that covers hurricane or windstorm damage, you may also have a separate hurricane deductible.

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A Lawyer Can Help You Deal With a Bad Faith Insurer

Insurers are bound to uphold the legal agreements they make with consumers who sign homeowners insurance policies with them. An insurance company must:

  • Not intentionally deceive the other party who signed the contract
  • Not use misleading or intentionally deceptive language within the contract itself
  • Live up to the terms of the contract as they were agreed upon
  • Not withhold critical information from the other party who signed the contract

If your claim was wrongfully denied or your insurer is not offering enough compensation to cover your losses, then you may be experiencing certain tactics that may qualify as bad faith. You may be entitled to punitive damages. Your insurance company may:

  • Simply refuse to pay your claim
  • Conduct an insufficient investigation of your claim, which may include a biased investigation
  • Base a claim denial off of information that is untrue or exaggerated
  • Refuse to acknowledge your request for independent appraisal
  • Cite language in your policy that was hidden, deceptive, or misleading
  • Dispatch lawyers as a means of intimidation

There are many ways that an insurer can take bad faith actions. The Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights under Florida Statutes § 627.7142 establishes the rules and regulations between a policyholder and insurer.

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A Jacksonville Tropical Storm Property Claim Lawyer Will Help You Pursue Compensation

Many lawyers have seen insurers deny claims unjustly before, and they may be familiar with the tactics being deployed against you now. A Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyer can help you take on the insurance company. You do not have to go through this alone.

The specifics of your case will determine your options for pursuing compensation. A Jacksonville tropical storm property claim lawyer can help you discuss your options.

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