If you, your child, or another loved one has suffered a bicycle accident, you probably have many emotions to process and questions running through your head from “how could this happen?” to “what should I do now?” If these thoughts are all too common for you, it is time to get help.

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How Our Lawyers Help Bicycle Accident Victims and Their Families

Bicyclists face risks such as distracted motorists, negligent road maintenance, and unrestrained dogs. Though most bicyclists do what they can to avoid risks, some things are unfortunately outside of their control.

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, our personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach wants to hold wrongdoers accountable for causing bicycle accidents. You have unpaid bills and other losses. We want to help you solve those problems. We also do not want the wrongdoer to harm to someone else by making the same mistake again.

Our Investigators Gather Evidence of Driver Negligence

Drivers owe bicyclists a duty of care to pay attention and avoid accidents. If a driver breaches that duty and causes damages, that driver is responsible for your losses.

Speeding makes it more difficult for a driver to observe his or her surroundings in general and bicyclists in particular. Other accident causes are running red lights and stop signs or turning right on red without first looking into a crosswalk that someone is walking his or her bicycle across.

Motorists who are tired, driving while looking for directions, texting, viewing social media alerts, or intoxicated pose hazards to bicyclists as well as to pedestrians and other drivers. Drivers who back out of driveways or open a car door without first checking their surroundings are also bicycle accident offenders.

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Other Possible Liable Parties in Your West Palm Beach Bicycle Accident

More than one factor could have caused the accident. We do a thorough review of all circumstances to hold all responsible parties accountable. If need be, we help victims by hiring accident reconstruction specialists and experts with scientific knowledge who can testify about accident causation.

The entity responsible for maintaining roads and bike lanes

Dangerous road conditions create unsafe situations for bicyclists. Poorly managed construction zones, potholes, rutted pavement, and malfunctioning traffic signals can cause accidents. A municipality or its subcontractor could be liable for damages resulting from accidents that proper road maintenance or repair could have prevented.

The manufacturer of your bike or its parts

Sometimes manufacturers negligently design bicycle helmets, tires, or brakes. The flaw is not always in the design, but the production of the equipment. If either of these led to injuries, the supplier could be liable.  

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Damages You Can Recover in Your Florida Bike Accident Claim

Even if the driver who hit your bicycle received a citation, your case is incomplete without proof by a greater weight of the evidence that the accident directly caused your injuries. The law tasks the victim with proving his or her specific losses.

It is sometimes impossible to do this without the testimony of medical professionals and other experts. Offering proof of your losses is another area where the help of a lawyer can be invaluable. Compensable damages generally fall into two fundamental categories: economic and non-economic.

Medical Expenses from Your Bicycle Accident Injuries

Your medical expenses could include previous medical bills, costs for the future care that you may need because of the injuries as well as the purchases of any necessary medical equipment. Rehabilitation and therapy expenses also fall into this category.

Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and damage to internal organs will require a life care plan that any settlement or trial must take into account.

Income You Lost After Your Accident

Disabling injuries and keeping scheduled medical appointments can result in missed work. Even if you had paid sick leave or paid time off days to use, you could still recover the value of your lost wages. Self-employed victims are entitled to recover profits that they lost as a direct result of the accident.

A loss of future earnings claim might be in order if your injuries from the accident render you unable to sustain the same level of earnings as before the accident. Because of retirement earnings and other benefits of employment, this can result in diminished opportunity to accumulate wealth.

A vocational expert may testify about your ability to earn money post-accident. Also, other experts may testify about the total economic impact of your accident.

Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses Related to Your Bike Crash

Sometimes victims who were mainly self-sufficient must hire others to perform household services they could at one time perform themselves. The expenses of making day-to-day life as accessible as possible is another element of compensation. This could include home or vehicle modifications.

Pain and Suffering Your Accident Caused

Permanent disfigurement, physical pain, mental anguish, and diminished quality of life are examples of damages known as pain and suffering. We can work together to determine how much your pain and suffering may be worth.

A victim may also seek punitive damages against the wrongdoer in cases where the wrongdoer was voluntarily intoxicated or engaged in other egregious conduct.

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