If you have a back injury, you may struggle to get a medical diagnosis and fighting to keep up with your bills. You may feel frustrated about not being able to work.

If a back injury has left you in pain, debt, and confusion, then you need answers. You need resolution. You need a back injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL who will listen to your questions and provide the solutions you need.

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How We Gather Evidence to Prove Liability for Your Back Injury

Whether you suffered a slip-and-fall accident, car accident, medical malpractice incident, defective product accident, or another traumatic event, our legal team can go to work gathering the information we need to show that someone else was at fault.

We investigate the scene, any relevant history, obtain documentation, and collect statements from potential witnesses. We can also take advantage of accident reconstruction, design experts, materials scientists, and expert witnesses.

In some cases, there can more than one party responsible for your back injuries. We will research the possible contributions of all potentially responsible parties.

Any negligent party could be liable. To prove negligence, a victim must establish that the alleged wrongdoer owed you a duty of care to do or to refrain from doing something. Then, we must show that the suspected wrongdoer breached that duty and therefore caused your injury. Lastly, your case must be able to prove financial losses and other damages as a result.

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Collecting Proof of Your Back Injury Damages

Whether you have a soft tissue injury, broken vertebrae, or spinal cord injury we will work with healthcare providers to establish the extent of your damages.

Crippling pain and a decreased range of motion can persist even after months of rehabilitative care. When an accident victim reaches maximum improvement, there is still a downward deviation from his/her quality of life. Though there is no question that back injuries saddle their victims with a lifetime of problems, we must prove this to an insurance company or a jury.

Medical records cannot always speak for themselves, but additional expert witnesses can shed light on a disputed subject. It may be necessary to call upon doctors who are patient advocates to explain the extent of your injuries.

We pursue multiple types of damages on behalf of our clients in back injury cases including:

  • Past, current and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy (including future treatment)
  • Medication
  • Accessibility modifications
  • Lost wages or lost profits
  • Diminished earning and wealth accumulation ability

Not all losses are financial. Other forms of damages that are considered non-economical can include ongoing physical pain, emotional and mental anguish and embarrassment that a permanent condition might cause. We can work together to calculate a pain and suffering settlement.

If the acts of the wrongdoer were intentional or particularly reckless or wanton, you might be able to make a claim for punitive damages in court.

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Our Attorneys Handle the Insurance Company Claim on Your Behalf

The primary job of insurance companies is to hold onto as much money as they can for as long as they can. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can help you significantly.

Denying fault or trying to minimize your damages are the games that insurance companies play. They may state that their insured did nothing wrong or that, even if there was wrongdoing, you do not suffer the damages that you say you have. They may try to blame you for seeking the wrong type of care, making yourself worse. They may also say that you had a pre-existing condition for which they should not be responsible.

Insurance companies routinely deny claims altogether, or they make lowball offers in hopes that you will take a quick payout and move on. Unfortunately, many victims do not have legal advice and end up shortchanging themselves.

If an insurance company does not agree to a fair and reasonable settlement, it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. The decisions about liability and losses go to a court. You will want to have a lawyer help you make the best decision possible given your particular case and its variables.

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