Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Lawyer Our bicycle accident lawyers in Jacksonville can help you seek compensation if you suffered serious injuries in a cycling crash.

If someone’s negligence caused your cycling accident, you may qualify for financial compensation for your injuries and damages. Holding the at-fault party liable for the harm they caused can help you recover your losses and cope with your injuries. 

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can offer you a free consultation. Learn about working with a bicycle accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL. We will work diligently to get you the fair financial compensation you deserve and the medical treatment you need to get your life back on track.

What Your Bicycle Accident Case May Be Worth

The value of your bicycle accident injury claim will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries. The basis of your claim will include: 

  • Your medical care costs
  • Lost wages to date
  • Your property damage (typically your bicycle)
  • The estimated future cost of your medical care and lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

You may also claim the legal value of any long-term or permanent injuries or disabilities you suffered. We can calculate your economic and non-economic damages to make sure you do not miss out on any form of compensation your injuries warrant. 

Wrongful Death Damages for Surviving Family Members

If a bicycle accident in Jacksonville led to the loss of a loved one, we can file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit to seek a financial recovery that can help you deal with their absence. 

You may qualify for:

  • The medical bills from your loved one’s injuries
  • Your loved one’s pain and suffering before their passing
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of inheritance for the income your loved one would have provided
  • Loss of consortium for the emotional companionship your loved one offered

We can handle your case while you grieve in peace and spend time with your family. 

How Negligence Leads to Bicycle Accidents

Cars, trucks, and busses can strike a cyclist when the driver engages in negligent behavior behind the wheel(Hit and run). In some cases, defective equipment can lead to an accident, as can road hazards, such as potholes, construction equipment, and barricades.

Research from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) demonstrates that motor vehicle-bicycle incidents can occur because motorists fail to yield to the cyclist’s right-of-way.

Other common causes of cycling injury accidents include:

  • Motorists driving in bike lanes
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Reckless driving

Sadly, some irresponsible drivers intentionally “buzz” cyclists, swerving to scare them. These intentional acts, if they result in an injury, may exceed simple negligence and cross the line into criminal behavior.

Bicycle Accidents Cause Devastating Injuries

Bicycle accidents can lead to severe injuries. The road to recovery is long and painful, requiring medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. 

The most common injuries suffered by bicycle accident victims include:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Internal injuries
  • Concussion and head injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neck and back injury
  • Spine and nerve injury
  • Amputation of digits or limbs
  • Paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia

Some cycling injuries are life-threatening or even fatal. They can also result in permanent or long-term disability.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we are passionate about getting our personal injury clients the resources they need to get their lives back.

We will protect your legal rights and handle the entire claims process on your behalf. We can also ensure you get the medical treatment you need to recover from your injuries.

We Can Determine Who was at Fault for Your Bicycle Accident

Our legal team will carefully analyze the details of your accident to determine fault. To prove legal liability, we will establish the at-fault party’s negligence by demonstrating that they owed you a duty of care, and by violating that duty, they caused the incident that led to your injuries and actual economic damages.

We Can Gather Evidence for Your Accident Case

We will begin by gathering all available evidence regarding your bicycle accident. This may include photos, videos, witness statements, the police report, and any other information we can obtain to prove the at-fault party’s liability.

We will also assemble information regarding your injuries, as well as your medical care to date. We will call on medical experts to provide testimony about your prognosis and the type of care you will require in the future.

We Can Submit a Personal Injury Claim or Begin Litigation

We will submit your claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company and begin the negotiation process with the insurer’s claims adjusters and legal representatives. In most cases, we can negotiate an acceptable settlement with the insurance company. 

Sometimes, however, if the insurance company will not negotiate with us in good faith, we will recommend filing a lawsuit.

We Can Represent You at a Jacksonville Trial

If filing a claim fails to yield a fair settlement, we will prepare your case for trial. We will use our extensive network of resources, including medical experts, safety specialists, accident scene reconstructors, and other subject matter experts, to help us document your case.

Throughout the process, we will be there for you to answer your questions and help you get the resources you need. We will work tirelessly on your behalf and do everything in our power to pursue a fair court-awarded offer.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Bicycle Accident

There are several parties that can cause a bicycle accident, and sometimes, multiple parties’ negligence contributes to an accident. When we investigate your case, we will uncover who owed you a duty of care and how their negligence breached that duty. 

A Negligent Motorist Striking a Bicyclist

Motorists owe a duty of care to other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and anyone else who shares the roadways. If the at-fault party violated that duty of care by texting and driving, subsequently swerving and striking you on your bicycle, their breach of duty caused your accident. Consequently, the driver and their insurance company have liability for your actual damages.

A Government Entity Failing to Maintain Roadways

If your cycling injury resulted from a road hazard, we can pursue the municipality responsible for street maintenance or possibly construction contractors whose work caused the hazard. 

A Defective Bicycle Product Causing an Injury

Alternatively, if a defective bicycle led to your crash and subsequent injuries, we can explore the possibility of a product defect lawsuit against the bike’s manufacturer or retailer.

How Comparative Negligence Can Affect Your Case

Because Florida follows comparative negligence principles for personal injury liability, the insurance company may argue that you contributed to the accident by violating the law or riding carelessly. In that case, if they can provide proof that you contributed to the accident, it may reduce your settlement by your percentage of fault.

For example, if you bear 20 percent of the fault for the accident and the settlement award is $100,000, you will receive 80 percent of the amount, which is $80,000.

We can conduct our own investigation to counter the adjuster’s determination of fault. Our aim is to prevent an insurer from undervaluing or denying your case, even if you shared fault for your bicycle accident. 

Protecting Your Rights to Compensation

After a bicycle accident in Jacksonville, there are a few ways you can protect your right to compensation.

Avoid Speaking to the Insurance Companies

Try to avoid talking to the insurance company or provide any statements until you consult with us, as you could inadvertently compromise your legal rights to seek compensation.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately After Your Accident

You may be tempted to forgo a medical assessment if you believe your injuries to be minor. This can cost you in the long run, though. Some injuries will not immediately display symptoms but can lead to long-term complications. 

Delaying medical treatment can worsen your injuries, which can also give an insurer fodder to undervalue or deny your claim. They may argue you worsened your injuries by failing to see a doctor. 

Consider All Your Legal Options

It can be difficult to understand your options for seeking compensation. You can take advantage of a free consultation with our firm to discuss your case and discover the next steps you can take. 

Get a Free Case Evaluation with Our Firm 

As soon as possible after a cycling accident, contact our the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine. We provide a free consultation and case review to answer all your questions and explain your options. This allows you to make an informed decision about your future, and it allows us to get started on your case immediately. 

Florida imposes deadlines on filing a lawsuit, so act quickly. To access your free case evaluation, contact our personal injury lawyers today.