Cape Coral Bicycle Accident Lawyer If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Cape Coral, FL, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, then you might be entitled to recover compensation for the incident. Speaking with a Cape Coral bicycle accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may lead to a swift resolution for you and your family. Contact us today at 1-800-747-3733 to begin a free consultation with one of our representatives.

We operate on a contingency-fee basis, so you will not pay us a single cent unless and until your case is won. At that point, we will take an agreed-upon percentage of the damages and give you the rest so you can work toward relieving the financial burden this accident caused you.

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Ways an Attorney from Our Firm Can Help You

A Cape Coral bicycle accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will know what needs to be said and done in order to get the insurance company to start negotiating, and we will bring them to the table as quickly as possible.

When we work together on your case, a lawyer from our firm can:

  • Collect evidence to support your claim: this evidence will include things like the police report of the accident, any available witness testimony, photos of the scene, your medical records, and more. Our lawyer may be able to help prove, for example, that you were fully in the bike lane when a car drifted over and sideswiped you.
  • Handle all communications related to your case: this service will take that worry away from you. You will not have to spend time fighting with insurance companies when you need to focus on recovering from your injury or tragically losing a loved one due to a bicycle accident.
  • Ensuring that your lawsuit is filed on time: given enough notice, our firm will help you avoid missing the state deadline to sue (also known as the statute of limitations). Per Florida Statutes § 95.11, you generally have four years from the date of the accident to get your claim filed. If you miss that statute of limitations, then you may lose your eligibility to file.

While four years sounds like a lot of time, you should still consider hiring our lawyer as soon as possible after a bicycle accident in Cape Coral. The sooner you reach out, the sooner they can start working on your case.

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Types of Compensation You May Receive

In Florida, we follow Florida Statutes § 768.81, which means you can file even if you have some percentage of fault assigned to you. A lawyer from our team may be able to prove that you were not at fault in any way, as your total award can be reduced by the percentage of fault you had.

The kinds of compensation you may be able to get could include:

  • Medical expenses: these costs can include hospital bills, surgery expenses, doctor visits, rehabilitation costs, medication, and much more. We know that even with health insurance, you may still be staring at a large pile of medical debt.
  • Lost wages: if you miss time at work to either recover or help a loved one recover, you may be able to receive compensation for your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering: you might be entitled to compensation for the mental and emotional trauma caused by the bicycle accident.
  • Wrongful death: tragically losing a loved one in a bicycle accident can be overwhelming in a number of ways, but we may at least be able to help with the financial ramifications, including funeral costs, loss of income, and more.

To learn more about other damages you can claim, call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today at 1-800-747-3733.

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What May Happen After a Bicycle Accident

Immediately after you are involved in a bicycle accident, it is likely you will need to seek medical attention at a hospital so that your injuries can be treated. You may be in too much shock to try and collect any information or witness statements.

Once you’re able, it will be important to reach out to the responding officer to try and get information from them, as your insurance company may need to know as many details as possible. You may face resistance from the other party’s insurance company, as they may be reluctant to pay out any claims unless they absolutely have to do so.

Whether you are the loved one of an accident victim or the victim yourself, you have a lot of other stress to handle, and arguing with an insurance company can be rough at a time like this. You may benefit from hiring a lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine. We know how to help accident victims and their families work through the mire of figuring out how to best file a claim.

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If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle accident, you may be able to recover compensation. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine has helped many personal injury victims throughout the state of Florida, and we would love to help you as well with your case. Our lawyers will treat you with compassion, patience, and understanding as you navigate this experience.

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