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Your First Steps After A Car Accident in Coral Springs, Florida

The things you do shortly after a car accident can have a long-lasting effect on the value of your injury compensation claim. The specific actions you should take will depend on the facts of your situation, but it can help to know some of the common steps.

Medical care

Put your health first. As soon as you can safely and legally leave the scene of the accident, get professional treatment for your injuries. If you are unaware of injuries, but you were in a significant collision, you should get an injury assessment by your doctor or at an urgent care center or emergency room.

Sometimes, the adrenaline of a crash will mask your perception of pain or other symptoms. Also, some injuries like internal bleeding or damage to your back or neck do not exhibit signs right away. You might be in critical condition before you realize what is happening.

The Importance of Medical Records

Your medical records will show the extent of your injuries, but they serve another vital function in the claims process. Your medical records will provide the link between your injuries and the car crash. If you delay in getting medical attention, the defendant will accuse you of getting hurt from something other than the wreck. The insurance company might deny your claim for compensation.

Talk with a Car Accident Lawyer

Florida law does not force you to work with a lawyer on your injury claim, but doing so can help to even the playing field for your case. Insurance companies are mega-corporations that employ vast numbers of claims adjusters, investigators, and defense lawyers to attack your claim aggressively.

If you do not like the feeling of being teamed up on, talk with a lawyer about handling your injury compensation claim. Our car accident lawyers in Coral Springs can take care of your legal battle so that you can focus on getting well and rebuilding your life. We can also help you to avoid some of the traps that insurance companies set for car accident victims.

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We Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls

Automobile liability insurance companies only make money if they pay out less in claims than they take in as premiums, minus their overhead. The defendant’s insurer will assign a claims adjuster whose job is to investigate your claim and pay you as little as possible for your losses.

Lowball offer. Sometimes a claims adjuster will offer an injured person (plaintiff) money early in the process, hoping the plaintiff will not realize the true value of the claim. You will not get more money from the insurance carrier after you sign the papers that go along with that check, and you will have to pay your medical bills out of that one check.

Some lowball offers do not even cover the medical expenses. Many people who take an early offer find out later that they should have received much more money.

Settling before completing medical treatment. You should not resolve your injury claim before you know how the harm you suffered will affect your life and your ability to work. Anything can happen during your medical recuperation. You might have complications or side effects. You might not heal up as well as you had hoped.

Once you settle your case, you cannot go back and ask for more money. If you end up needing additional procedures, like surgery, to correct the harm to your body, the insurer will not pay for that care. You might have to pay those bills out of your own pocket. Also, if you discover after settling that you have residual impairment from the crash, the insurer will not give you more money to compensate for those losses.

Recorded statement. One standard tactic that claims adjusters use is to ask you to give a recorded statement. They might lead you to believe that this statement is for your benefit so that they can put a value on your claim, but the actual purpose of a recorded statement is to decrease the value of your losses.

The adjuster can take your words out of context to say something you did not intend. If the insurance company asks you for a recorded statement, tell them to talk to your lawyer.

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Why Completing Your Medical Treatment is Essential

Unless you are having an adverse reaction to some aspect of your medical treatment, (in which case you should talk with your doctor right away), you should finish the prescribed medical care for your injuries. Your best chance for optimal healing is usually to follow your doctor’s orders.

Another reason to follow through on all ordered interventions, like physical therapy, is to prevent the defendant from devaluing your compensation claim. If your injuries leave you with long-term impairment like loss of mobility, range of motion, or function, the at-fault party tries to lay some of the blame on you, arguing that you would have healed better with full treatment.

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Damages for a Coral Springs, FL Car Crash

The compensation you can recover will depend on the facts of your situation. It is unusual for everyone hurt in a collision to get the same settlement or damages award because everyone suffers unique injuries and heals differently.

We can go after your economic losses, like medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. We can also pursue compensation for your non-financial losses, like pain and suffering, disfigurement, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and your spouse’s claim for loss of consortium.

How We Can Help

The car accident lawyers in Coral Springs at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help with your Coral Springs, Florida injury claim. You can focus on recuperating from your injuries while we take care of the rest. We do not get paid until you win.

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