Cape Coral Broken Bones Lawyer Did you break your bone due to someone else’s negligence? If so, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to help recover damages that can help you pay your medical bills and other expenses.

If you broke a bone due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case you can pursue. A Cape Coral broken bones lawyer from our firm can review your situation and advise you of your legal options.

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Determining the Value of Your Case

If you pursue a case with us, what would your potential payout look like? Several factors generate the value of a broken bone personal injury case, including these below:

  • The bone that was broken will impact the payout. Insurance companies have predetermined figures on the value of a broken bone. For example, a broken hip will be different from a broken foot.
  • The extent of the injury makes a difference. How extreme your break was and how it affects your daily life will affect the value of your case.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine aim to maximize the value of your case. If you have questions about the value of your case, you can get answers today during a free consultation. From modest claims to multimillion-dollar settlements, our Cape Coral broken bones lawyers can assess your situation.

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Types of Damages You May Receive for Your Broken Bones Case

The following types of damages may be available in a personal injury case:

  • Medical expenses: Your medical bills should be covered in an accident that was not your fault. Medical expenses may include the ambulance, hospital, and doctor bills. They may also include physical therapy, medical equipment, medication, and ongoing care.
  • Lost wages: Your case may include all the income you didn’t earn because you were injured. In some cases, you may have lost your vocation and benefits due to the accident. Reduced earning capacity and lost wages may also be included in your claim.
  • Pain and suffering: You may deserve compensation for pain and emotional distress caused by someone else’s actions.

Receiving a Fair Settlement

We believe that victims with broken bones should be fully compensated for their injuries. In our experience, some insurance companies try to take advantage of victims as they are healing.

We believe that accident victims should not have to take on insurance companies alone. When you have us on your side, we will pursue all the money to which you’re entitled. We will explore all angles of your case and ask questions like:

  • Are you filing for all of the coverage available?
  • Are you taking full advantage of all claims?

Many people aren’t used to handling insurance correspondence while they are tending to severe injuries, like broken bones. Our experience helps us know how to deal with complicated insurance calls and meetings.

How We Can Help

It can be challenging to juggle insurance companies, the at-fault party’s lawyers, and doctors as you are trying to heal. We can handle all the details in your case so that you can recover while knowing your legal matters are being handled.

Your team will also:

  • Collect police reports
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Handle medical records
  • Consult experts, if necessary

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Florida Sets Time Limit on Injury Cases

According to Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), you typically have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t wait until your time runs out to file a claim. These limitations are strict. If you are ready to have a lawyer review your situation, we are ready to help. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733 to talk with a team member today.

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Defining Broken Bones

A strong force, like a fall or a car crash, can break bones. Of course, with the right amount of pressure, a bone can break in many ways.

Commonly broken bones in accident victims include:

  • Skull
  • Vertebrae
  • Neckbones
  • The collarbone
  • The pelvis

Broken bones cause pain, suffering, and recovery time. Severe breaks can also cost you thousands in medical bills and lost wages. In some instances, you may have permanent damage or require extensive surgery.

Treatment for Broken Bones

According to the Mayo Clinic, a health care provider needs to address fractured bones. Treatment depends on what kind of fracture you have and the severity.

Be sure to get the medical care you need for your broken bone. Receiving care is the best way to heal, and it can support your case.

Common treatments for fractures include:

  • Open reduction internal fixation
  • Cast immobilization
  • Traction
  • External fixator or external fixation

These treatments can be costly, and they can impact your ability to work and enjoy your life. You should not have to suffer without some sort of repayment for your losses. Although money cannot help with all your losses, it can help you deal with the financial impact while you recover.

Settlements and Court

After receiving medical care and speaking with your lawyers, you may wonder what comes next and how long until you may receive your compensation. If you hire us, our attorney will conduct an investigation and work toward getting your insurance to pay you compensation.

Next, our lawyer will work with you to calculate a fair settlement and file your insurance claim. The other party will respond and could negotiate a settlement.

In some cases, a settlement can’t be reached. When that happens, the next step is a trial. A trial can extend the time you may be waiting for your payment, but your lawyers will fight on your behalf.

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Not all attorneys treat their clients the same. The difference in choosing us is that we respond to your needs, and we care about your well-being. We will also:

  • Speak with insurance representatives for your
  • Provide case updates frequently
  • Answer your questions, calls, and emails

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