Tampa Knee Injury Lawyer Knee injuries are only one of many injuries that you can suffer in a car accident.

Knee injuries, like many other common injuries, frequently result from car accidents. These injuries can be quite painful, dramatically affect your mobility, and require extensive medical treatment. If you have suffered a knee injury in a car accident that another driver or party has caused, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and related losses. Consider working with a Tampa knee injury caused by a car accident lawyer today to get more information about your potential claim.

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Knee Injuries in Car Accidents

Knee injuries that result from car accidents usually involve meniscus tears or tears or strains in other ligaments. The protocol may involve physical examination by a doctor and imaging tests to determine the extent of the tear. In some cases, rest, ice, and elevation will heal the injury, but in other cases, surgical intervention becomes necessary. Total or partial knee replacement also may be necessary in extreme cases. Following surgery, these individuals then must undergo rehabilitation, which can take several weeks or months.

These medical expenses can be costly and are one of the many forms of compensation that injured parties can receive after a car accident that causes them knee injuries. In addition to medical expenses, injury victims may be able to recover other economic losses, such as lost income while they are unable to work due to their injuries or undergoing medical treatment. They also might be able to recover a loss of future income if their knee injuries prevent them from returning to their previous jobs.

Likewise, injury victims may be able to recover compensation for more intangible losses following a car accident-related knee injury. They may be eligible to obtain compensation for the physical pain and suffering that they have endured due to their injuries, as well as emotional trauma related to the accident and loss of enjoyment of life if their injuries prevent them from engaging in their normal pastimes and activities.

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The TImeline of a Knee Injury Car Accident Claim

All legal claims must meet certain requirements, including compliance with the relevant statute of limitations under state law. A statute of limitations is a deadline for filing a legal claim. Under Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), injury victims must file their car accident claims based on the negligence of a driver or another party within four years of the date of their accident. Otherwise, they will give up their right to seek compensation from anyone who is responsible for causing the accident that led to their injuries.

State law does establish some exceptions to this statute of limitations, such as for minor children who suffer injuries in a car accident. However, filing a claim as quickly as possible following a car accident resulting in knee injuries is preferable. By filing early, not only can you ensure that you meet the filing deadline, but you also can better preserve evidence to support your claim. As time goes on, memories of witnesses fade or witnesses disappear, and documents are lost. Therefore, enlisting the help of legal counsel promptly following an accident in which you suffer injuries is likely to be a smart move.

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When Injury Victims Are Partially Responsible for Their Accidents

Florida Statutes § 768.81 addresses contributory fault, which is the legal principle that applies to car accidents in which more than one person is at fault for causing the accident. Even if the injury victims are partially at fault for the accident that led to their injuries, they still can recover compensation for their injuries from other parties who also are at fault.

However, even though these injury victims still may be eligible for compensation, they only will be eligible for a decreased amount of compensation, rather than the total value of the losses that they have suffered. The percentage of fault that they bear for the accident will reduce their compensation proportionately. In other words, the amount of their settlement or damages award will decrease by the same percentage as the percentage of fault that is attributable to them in causing the accident.

For instance, suppose that an injury victim is 25% at fault for causing a car accident, and another driver is 75% at fault for causing the accident. If the injury victim has $100,000 in injury-related losses, the injury victim could only receive 75% of that total amount or $75,000 in damages. The injury victim is responsible for 25% of the total costs of his or her injuries, just as he or she is 25% responsible for causing the accident that led to the injuries. Determining the degree of fault that each party bears for a car accident can be complex and highly disputed, but a Tampa knee injury caused by a car accident lawyer can help.

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Knee injuries can be painful experiences that can cause you to incur medical bills, miss work, and be unable to engage in the activities that you usually enjoy. When someone has caused a car accident that results in the knee or other injuries to you or your loved one, you may have a legal claim for compensation against the responsible parties. A

Tampa knee injury caused by a car accident lawyer can help you hold the parties at fault for your accident accountable for their misconduct in causing your accident.

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