Port Charlotte Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If a hurricane damaged your Port Charlotte home, your insurance may cover a wide range of damages, including repairs and the cost of temporary housing.

The days after a hurricane can be incredibly challenging. You may be grappling with the unexpected loss of your home or be worried about how you will afford to fix the damage caused by a hurricane.

Your Port Charlotte homeowners’ insurance policy may cover a broad range of damages, including the cost to repair your home and living expenses while you are unable to live in your home. However, the insurance company may try to offer you less than you are entitled to or claim that certain damage is not covered.

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Damages You May Recover in Your Port Charlotte Hurricane Property Claim

The high winds and rains of a hurricane can cause incredible damage to your property. You may have lost your roof, suffered broken windows, or sustained water damage from wind-driven rain. Your insurance may cover these losses.

Depending on the details of your specific policy, you may be able to recover the following hurricane-related losses. 

Funds to Repair or Replace Your Home

Most insurance policies will cover the cost to repair damage to your home, including broken windows, damaged roof, mold and mildew, and water damage. Your policy may also offer compensation to cover damage to additional structures on your property such as a barn, workshop, pool house, or separate in-law suite.

The Cost of Securing Your Property After the Hurricane

After the hurricane is over, your home may be damaged in a way that allows the elements to cause even more damage. For example, a leaking roof may allow water to seep in, or a broken window may allow pests to enter your home.

Due to the risk of additional damage, many policies cover the cost to secure your home in the immediate aftermath of hurricane damage, including installing tarps over roofs and boarding up broken windows.

Clean Up Costs

In addition to the structural damage of your home, your yard may have debris such as fallen trees, broken branches, and objects from other damaged homes. Your coverage may pay for the cost to clean up your property. Your coverage may also include the cost to replace landscaping such as bushes, flower beds, and other decorative elements.

Compensation to Replace Personal Belongings

You may also recover the cost of replacing the personal possessions that were damaged in the hurricane, such as furniture, clothing, appliances, medical devices, and electronic equipment.

Cost of Temporary Housing  

Many policies offer coverage for temporary housing for property owners who are unable to live in their homes after the hurricane. This coverage may pay for time in a hotel or rental property, the cost of meals, and incidentals you need while displaced.

The damages available to you will vary based on your coverage and your unique situation. A hurricane property claim lawyer in Port Charlotte, Florida, can calculate the exact damages you may be able to recover and help protect your right to pursue them.

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How Our Firm Can Help with Your Port Charlotte Hurricane Property Claim

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, our team understands how difficult the weeks after a hurricane can be. You may be unable to return to your home, you may be concerned about how you will afford the repairs, and your family may be unable to attend school or work.

Our goal is to make the hurricane claims process as stress-free as possible. Our team can help in the following ways.

Gather Documentation to Prove Your Hurricane Losses

Our first step is to gather proof of all your losses, including the damage to your home and the costs you incurred as a result. This documentation will be used to build a strong claim and seek compensation for all your losses.

File Your Claim or an Appeal

Next, we will present your claim to your insurance company and request compensation for your losses. If they deny your claim, we can also handle the appeal process on your behalf.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

If the insurance company offers you less than your full damages, we can negotiate them to reach an agreeable settlement. If they are not willing to negotiate in good faith, we may take your claim to court to fight for the damages you deserve.

Protect Your Right to Recover Damages

Throughout the process, we will protect your legal right to recover damages. We know the tactics insurance companies may use to avoid paying damages and how to refute them. We will also ensure that you meet the statute of limitations for claims involving hurricane damages.

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Contact a Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer in Port Charlotte, FL, Today

After a hurricane hits, time can pass in a blur. You may be displaced from your home and unsure if, or when, you may be able to return. Your insurance company should help, but too often they are more concerned with their bottom line than your struggle.

If a recent hurricane damaged your Port Charlotte home (such as Irma or Michael), we can help you seek damages. Our team of dedicated legal professionals can review your coverage and help you through the claims process. We understand how trying this time can be, and our goal is to make the claims process as easy as possible.

For assistance with your Port Charlotte hurricane damage claim, contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733. Our team is here to help.