Sarasota Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If you have recently suffered loss as a result of a hurricane and are having trouble getting your insurance company to process your claim, you may need to contact a hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota.

If your insurance company appears to be delaying the processing of your claim or is not willing to fully reimburse you for damage caused by a hurricane, a hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota may be able to help.

After a storm hits, the sad reality is many homeowners get an unpleasant surprise when they learn their or home or property is not fully covered by their insurance.

The worst possible time to find that out is after a storm hits.

As soon as possible after a storm, you should contact a hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota to make sure your claim is processed quickly—and most important of all—you get the full reimbursement you deserve.

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What You Can Expect During the Hurricane Claims Process

If your home or property has been damaged by a hurricane, your priority is getting your insurance claim processed as quickly as possible, so you can get things fixed or replaced and get on with your life.

But all too often, the claims process seems to drag on forever, particularly if it was a catastrophic storm affecting thousands of other homeowners. Your insurance company may be inundated with claims all at the same time and will have trouble managing the load. However, that may be the least of your worries.

During the claims process, you may find out your insurance policy does not actually cover everything you thought it did. In the worst possible scenario, your insurance company may attempt to undervalue your claim, or deny it outright. However, you do not have to give up and take it.

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Government Assistance May Be Available

After a hurricane hits, you may be eligible for some government assistance if you were affected by a presidentially declared disaster such as Hurricane Michael. You can learn more about the benefits that may be available by contacting the Florida office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

As a Florida homeowner, you are also entitled to certain rights during claims processing designed to protect you from lengthy delays imposed by your insurance company.

According to Florida statute, you are protected by the Homeowners Bill of Rights:

  • Within 14 days of submission of your claim, your insurance company must acknowledge that it has received it.
  • Within 30 days of receiving your initial claim, your insurance company must inform you of the status of your claim, and whether they are covering it in total, covering only parts of it, denying your claim, or need more time to investigate.
  • Within 90 days of receiving your claim, you should receive payment, whether it is full or partial reimbursement, or a written explanation as to why the claim has been denied.

While the federal and state governments do have programs in place to assist you, their help only goes so far. If you are having trouble getting a settlement from your insurance company, you may want to contact a hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota.

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When You Should Consider Hiring a Hurricane Property Claim Attorney

If it feels like you may never get an answer from your insurance company regarding reimbursement of your claim, or they have denied your claim outright, you should consider hiring an attorney.

Your insurance company will have an army of lawyers to review your policy and look for reasons not to pay. Why not level the playing field, and get help reducing your stress?

A hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota will fight for you directly with your insurance company. A law firm working on your side can negotiate for a larger settlement or appeal the denial. If negotiating is impossible, an attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf in civil court against the insurance company.

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How to Improve Your Chance of a Larger Settlement

To convince the insurance company of the validity of your claim, you will need to carefully document the losses you suffered, and any related expenses you have incurred.

It is up to you to prove your losses and expenses were caused by the storm, and not some other reason. As a result, having certain evidence at hand will help your case, including:

  • Copies of your current insurance policies, and a record of payments.
  • Written estimates you have already received from contractors or other vendors for replacement or repair.
  • Receipts for any emergency purchases you needed to make after the storm for a temporary repair, protection, or lodging.
  • Photographs or video that might show the condition of your property immediately after the storm—or before if available.
  • A detailed list of everything that was damaged or missing after the storm, including furniture, appliances, clothing, personal items, or food.

It is crucial that you not exaggerate your losses. Your insurance company will carefully review your original insurance application to note what you had covered. If your policy was never updated to cover new purchases or significant upgrades, your claim may be denied.

Finding a Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer  

In the aftermath of a catastrophic storm, your priority will be ensuring the safety of your loved ones and the security of your property—and then you can focus on getting your life back in order. It can be incredibly frustrating when your insurance company is taking too long to process your claim or keeps coming up with excuses as to why they will not pay.

We can directly negotiate with your insurance company or represent you through litigation, if it becomes necessary to file suit.

We will start with a free case evaluation, during which we will answer your concerns, help you understand your rights, and review your options if your claim is denied.

If you want help from a hurricane property claim lawyer in Sarasota, call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today at 1-800-747-3733. You do not need to go through the claims process alone. Let us fight for your rights.