If you suffered physical injuries in a car accident, wrangling with an insurance company over a claim while you are trying to recover adds unnecessary stress to your healing process. Even though you know the insurance company’s payout offer will not cover your ongoing medical expenses or significant car repairs, you may want to accept it just to stop worrying about the complicated process.

Do not settle for less. The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. We will handle all aspects of your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. We can file your claim, negotiate a settlement, or take your case to court. Call 800-747-3733 now to schedule a free legal consultation with a car accident lawyer in Port Charlotte.

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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Port Charlotte Car Crash?

Our attorneys can help you recover full and fair compensation after a car accident in South Florida. We specialize in handling these types of claims, so we know how to competently apply personal injury law to our clients’ cases.

Our legal team knows what an insurance company, a judge, and a jury looks for in a car accident claim. We can build a strong case on your behalf that will stand up against scrutiny. We also know how to achieve the results our clients want. In our many years of experience, we have worked hard to build an advantage over other law firms and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Can I File an Accident Claim Myself?

You do not need a law firm to file an insurance claim, particularly if you only suffered minor injuries and damages to your car. Florida is a “no-fault” state, which means that your insurance company will compensate you regardless of who caused an accident through your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

However, if you suffered serious, permanent injuries that will change your way of life or prevent you from working for a certain period of time, contact us. We can help you request more compensation.

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How Will Car Insurance Laws Impact My Claim?

Florida requires vehicle owners to have PIP coverage, which covers up to $10,000 in medical and disability benefits if you seek treatment within 14 days after a car accident. If a doctor determines you did not have an emergency medical condition, your insurance will only pay up to $2,500. If you do not go to the doctor, your insurance company may accuse you of contributing to your injuries by not seeking medical treatment and you will not be able to collect compensation.

By law, your PIP plan must cover 60 percent of your lost wages or income and 80 percent of your medical, surgical, and x-ray expenses. However, if you suffered severe injuries, the $10,000 limit will probably not be enough to cover your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

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How Can I Get Additional Compensation for My Injuries?

If you suffered serious injuries, state law allows us to file an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. We can seek this additional compensation if you or a loved one suffered:

  • A significant, permanent loss of a bodily function;
  • A permanent injury your doctor does not expect to heal;
  • Disfigurement or scarring; or

If this applies to your case, we can seek reimbursement for all of your accident-related expenses.

What Type of Reimbursement Can I Receive for My Injuries?

We can give you a specific estimate of your damages after we examine your case, but generally, you may receive compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses;
  • Funeral expenses, if a loved one died in the accident;
  • Loss of past and future income;
  • Loss of earning capacity;
  • Home health care;
  • In-patient rehabilitation;
  • Mobility devices like wheelchairs, canes, and walkers;
  • Physical therapy; and
  • Prescription medications.

You may also recover compensation for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, or emotional distress you experienced due to the accident. Payment for these damages may come from the at-fault parties and their insurance companies.

How Will a Lawyer Prove Who Was at Fault for the Car Accident?

Before an insurance company approves your personal injury claim or before a judge or jury orders a defendant to pay compensation to an injured party, Florida law requires claimants seeking compensation to prove negligence on the part of the party that caused the accident.

Our attorneys know how to prove each element of negligence in your case. First, we must prove the driver who caused the accident owed a duty to you and other motorists to drive safely and carefully. Then, we show the driver breached the duty of care when their negligent, reckless actions caused an accident. Finally, we will prove this accident caused your injuries and you suffered monetary damages because of the crash.

We also gather evidence to further support your negligence claim against the driver who caused the accident. We may collect a variety of proof, including:

  • The driver’s driving history of past offenses;
  • Police reports;
  • Accident scene photographs;
  • Eyewitness reports about the accident; and
  • Traffic camera video footage.

We may also take depositions from you, your loved ones, or medical and mental health professionals on your diminished quality of life and your inability to contribute to family obligations due to the accident. This information helps to build a stronger personal injury case.

What Is the Next Step in the Process?

After we gather evidence, we file an insurance claim with the driver responsible for your accident. Expect the driver’s insurance company to challenge your claim. Insurance companies want to save money and avoid paying out high settlements. We do not back down when negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients. If we cannot reach an equitable settlement offer, you have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. We can represent you in court, as well.

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