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There are times when you or a loved one need disability benefits. The system is massive, causing those in need to miss out on benefits or misunderstand what should be done. Speaking to one of our lawyers can help you better understand the process, support a loved one, or obtain the benefits you were denied in the past.

Consulting with our Hialeah Social Security disability lawyer is just one step in what could be a lifelong process. With the support of a professional advocate from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, you are not left to fend for yourself in the labyrinth that is the Social Security system.

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What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security disability is split into two programs known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSI provides you with income when you are disabled or underemployed, whether you paid into Social Security or not. (Hence, it is paid for through general tax revenue.)

Social Security benefits are paid to the disabled individual or their estate, depending on the situation, involving a variety of factors.


SSDI provides benefits to the disabled when they have paid into the Social Security system at some point. Benefits are scaled, and it can help to speak with our Hialeah Social Security disability lawyer about your legal rights, how your benefits are calculated, and when those benefits should have begun. 

Generally, SSDI recipients must be disabled and have a record of payment into the Social Security system. They are eligible for Medicare after two years, and the waiting period for benefits is five months. Your location and monthly income determine your total benefits.


SSI recipients qualify for Medicaid, can receive benefits on the first of the month after their approval, and must supply a record of earnings to demonstrate that they still require benefits. Documenting this information and supplying it to the government may be best done by a legal professional.

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Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Payments?

When you are disabled or unable to retain gainful employment, you are eligible for some form of disability support. However, you should review your situation with your lawyer so that they know which type of disability insurance you should apply for. 

One of the most common issues is families or individuals applying for the wrong type of disability benefit, getting stuck in a backed-up system, and not realizing they need to start the process over.

For assistance determining what you should do for a loved one, you can reach out to a team member from our firm who will review all your vital information before proceeding. 

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Medical Information and Testimony

As part of the Social Security disability eligibility verification process, a medical professional must attest to the fact that you cannot obtain gainful employment. You may not realize how this information should be presented; your lawyer can help you gather the appropriate documents. 

Moreover, you might ask your lawyer to recommend a medical professional who can help.

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The Appeals Process

The appeals process can be stressful and complicated. While you have every right to believe that you or a loved one is entitled to benefits, the government may disagree. The Social Security Administration (SSA) outlines the appeals process on its website, but turning to our team can help you navigate this murky part of the benefits infrastructure. 

Generally, you have 60 days from the date of your notice to appeal a decision, and we can support you during any phase of the appeal, including:

  • Reconsideration
  • A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)
  • A review by the Appeals Council
  • A review in Federal Court

Work with Our Social Security Disability Lawyer Serving Miami-Dade County

When you enlist the help of one of our Social Security disability lawyers, you enjoy a range of benefits. 

Responsive Care

When you hire your lawyer, you get their phone number so that you may reach out as needed. You will receive frequent case updates, get answers to all your questions, and a direct response to all calls or emails. 

We Go the Extra Mile for Our Clients

Because you are concerned with getting your benefits, paying your bills, and managing your medical situation, your lawyer takes care of everything else. You are not in charge of reaching a fair resolution. Your lawyer will fight for your rights under federal law and even help schedule appointments, hearings, and meetings.

With multiple lawyers on staff, there is always someone to reach out to if there is an emergency. 

We Review Your Case and Determine What Direction to Take It in

One of the issues with Social Security disability benefits is that the government reviews your case often. You may be reviewed at any time. The SSA could review your work status, medical status, or financial status. 

For example, the SSA can terminate your benefits if you are earning more than $1090 per month. No American can live on that amount of money, and it helps to have the support of one of our attorneys who understands the system.

Just as the SSA reviews your case, your lawyer is reviewing your benefits to ensure that they are ready for any issues that may arise. 

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Do not allow confusion, panic, or the SSA to get in the way of receiving the disability benefits you are entitled to.