What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident? There is no way of determining the average settlement for a motorcycle accident.

There is no way of determining what the average settlement for a motorcycle accident is. The data that would be required to make such a determination is not publicly available and may not necessarily be of relevance to your case if it were. Every case must be considered on its own merits, as must be the losses that a victim suffers because of a motorcycle accident.

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A Lawyer Will Calculate the Cost of Your Losses

One of the elements that will go into any settlement you receive is the value of your losses. The losses that come from a motorcycle accident could depend on:

  • Whether your case involves an injury or a wrongful death
  • The specific types of injuries that happened because of your accident
  • The severity of the injuries caused by your accident
  • The type and extent of harm that has afflicted you or a loved one because of your motorcycle accident
  • The share of liability for your accident

A lawyer will organize your account, witness accounts, and evidence so that they may understand each way your accident has negatively affected your life and who is responsible for those negative outcomes.

Florida Statutes §768.81 details the legal principle of comparative fault. A lawyer may be able to better explain how comparative fault applies to your motorcycle accident case. It generally means that, even if you were responsible for some aspects of your accident, another party could still owe you compensation for your losses.

A lawyer can lead your case for any compensation that you or a loved one deserve.

Negligent Motorists May Cause Motorcyclists Harm

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that motorcyclist deaths outpaced car occupant deaths by 27 times in 2017. Motorcyclists have far greater exposure to the risk of injury or death when they are involved in a collision, and motorists must do everything they can to avoid causing an accident with a motorcyclist.

A lawyer or their team will be interested in understanding who caused your accident. The at-fault motorist may have been at fault because:

  • They sped
  • They tailgated
  • They drank and drove
  • They used drugs and drove
  • They made an illegal or dangerous maneuver
  • They were distracted

Motorcycle accidents happen all too frequently, and their frequency may be an indictment of drivers who fail to exercise necessary caution to protect motorcyclists from potentially deadly injuries.

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A lawyer and their team may not be able to tell you what the average settlement for a motorcycle accident is. However, given enough information, they may tell you what settlement amount you should be entitled to. Part of their job will be to document and calculate the value of your accident-related losses.

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