If you suffered injuries in a car accident, you may seek compensation for your injuries.

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Will my auto insurance cover the total cost of my injuries?

Florida is a “no-fault” state. If you suffer injuries in a car accident, your insurance company will compensate you no matter who was at fault. This is why Florida requires drivers to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance.


After an accident, vehicle owners and their passengers can make a claim against the vehicle owner’s auto insurance company. Florida PIP law allows you to receive up to $10,000 in medical and disability benefits from your insurance company if you seek treatment within 14 days after the car accident. If a doctor determines you did not have an emergency medical condition, your auto insurer will only pay up to $2,500.

Your PIP policy covers 60% of lost wages or income, and 80% of medical, surgical, and X-ray expenses. Your policy will also cover 80% of any dental work and rehabilitative services, as well as medically necessary ambulance, hospital, and nursing services that you require.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find the $10,000 limit on their policy is insufficient to cover all their expenses and losses. If you need further coverage, our attorneys can help find other ways to win you compensation for your damages.

In addition to PIP insurance, drivers may add optional Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) coverage to their policy. BIL covers damages the policyholder causes to others. If another driver caused your accident, we will check their policy for BIL coverage to help pay for your losses.

Under the Florida Financial Responsibility Law, drivers are responsible for bodily injuries and property damages they cause to others. Even if the other driver does not have BIL coverage, we can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries.

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How will you prove the other driver should pay for my car accident damages?

Florida’s insurance laws on personal injuries are complex and limit how much compensation you can seek from your auto insurer and from another driver’s auto insurer. If your injuries altered your life and left you in constant pain and unable to work, a one-time payment from your auto insurer may not cover all your ongoing medical expenses. You may seek economic and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, if the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

In car accident cases, we must establish four elements to hold another party liable. Our lawyers will retrieve the right evidence and build a strong case to establish the other driver’s negligence.  

Duty of Care

All drivers owe other motorists a duty of care. This means drivers must not engage in reckless or careless behavior that puts others at risk of injury.


We may rely on police or eyewitness reports to show that the individual breached their duty of care by driving erratically or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which caused an accident.  


We may rely on police reports, video surveillance, smartphone records, or eyewitness reports to connect the driver’s negligent driving behavior to your accident.

We will aim to show the car accident caused your injuries. We can do this by presenting evidence, such as your medical records, police reports, and medical expert testimony, showing that your injury happened as a result of your car crash. We may also ask for testimony from your spouse, family members, or friends to show how your injuries have altered your daily life.


Damages refer to the expenses and losses you experienced as a result of the accident.

We may rely on economic experts to determine the amount of compensation we will request. We may also use your medical bills and documents establishing your wages to show your economic losses and expected future losses because of your inability to work. We will also factor in the emotional pain and mental anguish you suffered because of the accident.

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