How Long Does It Take for a Back Injury to Heal? How long it takes for your back injury to heal depends on its severity and your treatment.

If your back injury is minor, it may take only a few days to a few weeks for your back injury to heal. If your back injury is more severe, it may require years of therapy or you might need surgery. In the most severe cases, your back may be permanently damaged.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

If you were in any kind of accident, the small discs in your back may have been pushed or twisted out of alignment. Your spinal cord could be fractured, or you may have a herniated disc. Several different types of back and spinal cord injuries may occur after an accident, and the severity of the injury will be the determining factor in how long it takes for your back injury to heal. No matter what type of back injury you suffered after an accident, you should seek medical attention immediately to determine the next best steps for your health and help your back injury heal faster.

Minor Back Injuries

If your doctor determines that you suffered only minor muscle strains after an accident, you should rest and follow their recommendations to let your back injury heal. These types of minor injuries may resolve themselves within a few weeks if you follow your doctor’s treatment plan.

More Severe Injuries

If your doctor makes the determination that you have a more severe back injury, it will likely take a longer time to heal. If you have a muscle tear or herniated disc, it may need both surgery and several months of therapy before it heals completely. If you have any broken bones, you may have to rest for months as they heal themselves. If you have more severe back injuries, you may face a lifetime of physical therapy or even paralysis.

Always Seek Medical Attention

It cannot be overstated that if you were in any kind of accident and experienced trauma to any part of your body, you should visit your doctor. While you may not feel any pain or symptoms after an accident, more serious side effects often do not present themselves until much later. The time between the accident and the presentation of symptoms is critical in preventing paralysis and even death.

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