Kendall Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer After a hurricane damages your Kendall home, you expect your property insurance to cover your losses.

If a hurricane or windstorm causes damage to your Kendall, Florida home or business, you expect your insurance company meet their obligations and cover your losses. However, the insurance companies are often looking out for their bottom line.

If you are struggling to file a Kendall property claim or have received a denial of your claim, you want a legal team who understands how insurance companies work. The team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is here to help you with your hurricane claim by managing the process and fighting on your behalf.

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How a Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer in Kendall Can Help

After a hurricane passes, you may be unable to live in your home and be worried about what the future might hold for your family. Let us help you through this challenging time in the following ways.

Review Your Property Insurance Coverage

Our first step is to review your current coverage and determine what losses are covered. You may carry riders for more expensive possessions or have additional flood insurance that will allow us to pursue losses through multiple avenues.

Protect Your Rights

After a hurricane, the insurance company may be facing hundreds or even thousands of claims from its customers. Unfortunately, that often means they look for ways to pay less. For example, they may delay sending an adjuster to your home or claim you must pay an additional hurricane deductible, which is illegal without proper notification.

Our team knows the legal requirements and will protect your right to recover losses from the insurance company. 

Gather Evidence to Build Your Claim

Before filing your claim, our team will gather evidence to prove your total losses. For example, we may collect photographs of your property before and after the storm, solicit quotes for repair, and gather receipts for out of pocket expenses.

Negotiate a Settlement

Next, we will file a claim and begin to negotiate your settlement. The insurance company may try to pay you less, but our goal is to recover a fair settlement on your behalf.

Appeal a Claim Denial

If the insurance company denies your initial claim, we can help. Our team will gather additional evidence to prove your total losses and recover the compensation you deserve.

After a hurricane, you need a legal team who is willing to weather the legal storm that can follow. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine goes the extra mile to protect your rights and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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Damages You May Recover in Your Kendall Hurricane Property Claim

The total amount of damages you are entitled to may vary based on the terms of your property insurance policy, any additional policies you carry, and the amount of damage caused by the hurricane or windstorm. A hurricane property claim lawyer in Kendall can review your coverage to determine the damages you are eligible for.

In most cases, we are able to recover the following types of losses for Kendall residents:

Damage to Your Home or Business

In most cases, you can recover the cost to repair or rebuild your home or business and any other structures on the property, such as a workshop, garage, or barn. We may also recover the cost of cleanup, such as cutting up fallen trees and removing debris.

Loss of Personal Property

We will also pursue compensation for the loss of personal property inside your home or business, such as computers, furniture, appliances, clothing, and linens.

Costs for Temporary Housing

If you cannot live in your home, your property insurance may also cover the cost of temporary housing. This may include the cost to stay in a hotel, dining out, and the purchase of toiletries and other necessities.

Expenses to Board Up Your Property

Securing your home after the storm can help prevent additional damage. Many property insurance policies cover the cost of boarding up windows and installing tarps over a broken roof.

Determining the amount of your Kendal hurricane claim requires understanding the details of your policy and the damage to your property. Speak with a hurricane property claim lawyer in Kendall for an accurate assessment of your losses. Call 1-800-747-3733.

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Florida Statute of Limitations for Recovering Hurricane Property Losses

You have a limited amount of time to file a Kendall hurricane damage claim. Most residents have three years from the date of the storm to pursue a case in court. After this time passes, you may be unable to recover your losses.

This limit also applies to reopened claims, which may occur if you discover additional damage after the initial claim is finalized. We know what catastrophic damages Floridians endured from hurricanes Michael and  Irma. Don’t wait to take legal action to recover the full payout you deserve for your damages.

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The storm has passed, but now you are facing a home or business that has been ravaged by the wind and rain. You may be displaced or unable to even access your home.

You paid your property insurance premiums on time, and now it is time for the insurance company to do their part. 

If you are overwhelmed by the claims process, or if your insurance company is refusing to work with you, our team can help. Let us take on the hurricane claim process so you can focus on your family.

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