Port Orange Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If you sustained hurricane property damage to your home, your personal belongings, or other property, we can manage your property claim from filing and all the way through the claims process.

Hurricanes are destructive storms, as any Port Orange resident knows. Between the winds, rains, floods, hail, and tornadoes, property damage is just a matter of course for these natural disasters.

A hurricane property claim lawyer in Port Orange at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will review your property damage, study your policy, explain to you your coverage, file your claim, and manage it all the way to the end. This includes negotiating with your insurance company for a maximum settlement—even taking them to court, if they refuse to play fair.

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Let Us Manage Your Hurricane Property Claim

The stress of a hurricane does not all come to an end simply by surviving nature’s forces. After the storm has blown over, and you assess the damage left in its wake, the panic of how to rebuild sets in—and it can be overwhelming. Paying for the repairs is top of mind for anyone who suffers hurricane damage to their homes, businesses, or personal possessions.

While it is often taken for granted that your insurance company will cover your losses, the property claims process is not made to be easy for policyholders to manage. So, why bother? Let our hurricane property claim attorneys handle it for you.

We know how insurance companies operate. We know how to challenge their tactics, including when they try to undervalue your claim, alleging that the damage was pre-existing, insist that your policy does not cover the losses you are claiming, or flat-out deny your claim out of bad faith. We will fight for your right to recover all your losses, while you focus on your family and on recovering physically and emotionally from your hurricane experience.

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Things You Can Do to Further Protect Your Property Claim

Our hurricane property claim lawyers will handle all the heavy lifting involved in your claim. There are a few things you can do, too, immediately following a hurricane, to make your property claim move more smoothly.

For example:

  • You should call your insurance company just to notify them that you have sustained property damage.
  • You can prevent additional damage from flooding and burst pipes by patching up holes with a tarp, boarding up broken windows, etc.
  • Collect your receipts and tuck them away in a safe spot for easy access.
  • Take pictures and videos and record notes to document your losses.
  • Consider handing this challenge over to a hurricane property claim attorney.

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A Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer in Port Orange Is Prepared to Fight for the Compensation You Need and Deserve

The hurricane property claim lawyers in Port Orange at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine are eager to help you start rebuilding after the hurricane you endured. With our help, your claim will process quickly and fully so you can begin repairing and replacing your property and resume life as you once knew it. Be sure to act quickly. Florida Statute § 627.70132 places a strict limit on the amount of time you have to file your claim.

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