Jacksonville Looting and Vandalism Lawyer If you are a homeowner or business owner whose property was damaged due to looting or vandalism, a Jacksonville looting and vandalism lawyer could help file a property insurance claim on your behalf.

If your home or place of business was damaged due to vandalism or looting, you might have to battle with your property insurance carrier about coverage for the losses. A Jacksonville looting and vandalism lawyer can advocate on your behalf. We understand how hard you have worked to buy and maintain your property. It is heartbreaking when your home or shop gets destroyed in an instant.

Your property insurance policy most likely contains very brief deadlines. If you miss one of these deadlines, your insurance carrier might try to deny your claim. You may consider contacting a lawyer to protect your rights and avoid problems like missed deadlines.

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What To Do After Property Damage from Looting and Vandalism

The specific steps you should take will depend on the unique facts of your case. Here are a few suggestions to consider after property damage from vandalism or looting:

  • Call the police and make a report. Your insurance company will likely demand a police report.
  • Contact your insurance company and provide notice of the damage and your intent to file a claim.
  • Talk to a lawyer who can help you navigate the claims process. It is best to speak with a Jacksonville looting and vandalism lawyer to figure out your next steps.
  • Document the scene and the extent of the damage if you can do so safely. Photographs and videos can be valuable as evidence of the condition of your property. If possible, get pictures and video of both interior and exterior damage.
  • Try to locate your property insurance policy. Your lawyer will need the document to determine whether your insurance covers the type of damage that happened to your property. Also, they will check on deductibles, exclusions, and the maximum amount your insurer will pay.

These are but a few examples of steps to take after your residential or commercial property gets damaged by looting or vandalism. You might need to take additional measures, like trying to secure the property to prevent additional loss and damage. Always keep your safety as the highest priority.

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How a Jacksonville Looting and Vandalism Lawyer Can Help with Your Property Claim for Losses

Florida law does not force you to work with an attorney on your property damage claim, however, it can be helpful to do so. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and time-consuming. When the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine handles your claim, you can focus your attention and energy on rebuilding your life and your business.

We can negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement on your behalf.

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