Jacksonville Broken Water Line Property Claim Lawyer A broken water line can cause extensive damage.

Many of the plumbing systems in Florida are beginning to show their age, but that doesn’t mean insurers are willing to pay for it. Consumers in Florida discover annually that their homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover certain damages in their homes, including those relating to a broken water line. For example, Citizens Property Insurance Co., a homeowners insurer, racked up millions in attorneys’ fees as it denied claims for consumers who signed their policies.

When a water line bursts on your property, it can cause extensive damage to your home. What’s more is that in the process, policyholders may find that their homeowners’ insurance company refuses to fulfill the details outlined in their policies. Any delay in getting the compensation you need can prevent you from making necessary repairs to your property. This can be the result of your insurance company acting in bad faith.

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A Jacksonville Broken Water Line Property Claim Lawyer Can Help You

Having a water main pipe burst on your property is never an enjoyable experience. Not only can the landscaping in front of your house flood, but it runs the possibility of flooding indoors as well. Typically, the city is responsible for fixing the water line itself. However, they may not be liable for paying for any subsequent losses or damages. This is where the details of your insurance policy come in handy. Depending on what type of insurance policy you have, you may be entitled to coverage for damage caused by a burst pipe.

However, unethical insurance practices can prevent you from getting the protection you need. A Jacksonville broken water line property claim lawyer can help you navigate the insurers while protecting your rights.

Some examples of possible bad faith practices by an insurance company may include:

  • Taking more time than is necessary to process your claim
  • Investigating your case
  • Biased to favor the insurer
  • Language in your policy that is misleading, deceptive, or hidden
  • Making empty promises

A Jacksonville broken water line property claim attorney will review what is outlined in your policy to determine what you are truly entitled to. If it is found that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, then you could be entitled to compensation beyond coverage for your losses.

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A Burst Pipe Can Cause Devastating Damage

No two insurance claims are the same. What you can receive in terms of compensation will depend on the specific language of your policy agreement and what was damaged by the broken water line.

Some of the expenses caused by a burst pipe can include:

  • Destroyed landscaping surrounding the property
  • Damaged personal items, such as electronic devices, furniture, and other items
  • Structural impairments to your home or business
  • The cost of cleaning the debris, water, and possible sewage that resulted

Florida Statute § 624 mandates that before you can move forward with legal action against your insurance company for bad faith practices, you must notify them of your grievances. Following this statement, you must allow them 60 days to remedy the situation before filing a lawsuit.

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