Using Dash Cam Evidence in Your Car Accident Claim Dash cam evidence could impact your legal case after a car accident in Florida.

Dash cams – or cameras mounted on the dash of a vehicle – provide video evidence of things that happen while you drive. In some cases, these cameras capture accidents that occur in Florida. 

Can you use dash cam evidence in your car accident claim? In most cases, Florida allows you to use these recordings. Learn more about the specifics here. 

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How to Use Dash Cams

Dash cams are small cameras. They attach to your vehicle’s windshield or the dashboard. Generally, these cameras turn on when you put your car in gear, and they record from the windshield. However, you can set up dash cams to record rear-facing views or audio and video from the outside of your car. 

Note that Florida Statutes § 316.2004 prohibits drivers from obscuring their windshields. Therefore, you must carefully consider the placement of any dash cam to prevent legal penalties.

Regulations to Use Dash Cam Evidence After a Car Accident

Florida has a few statues that relate to dash cam video. Generally, Florida allows you to support your case with dash cam footage only if:

  • The footage relates directly to your case.
  • The video is clear and convincing. 
  • You have authentic video.
  • You swear to the video’s authenticity under testimony. 

You have the legal right to present any video recorded during a car accident in the above situation.

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Benefits of Using Dash Cam Evidence After a Wreck

After a car accident, it’s essential to establish liability for the collision. The driver who caused the accident may have to cover the losses of other individuals involved in the wreck. Lawyers and insurance agents gather evidence to show the accident’s causes.

Car accident lawyers often look at evidence like:

  • Witnesses accounts
  • Information in a police report
  • Video recording from red-light cameras or stores 
  • Accident reconstruction 

However, dash cam footage can serve as another piece of evidence to support your side of the story after an accident. 

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Do Insurance Companies Accept Dash Cam Footage?

Florida uses a no-fault insurance policy for many car accident claims, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHMSV). Drivers must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance as well as property damage liability (PDL) insurance. Generally, drivers carry at least $10,000 for both policies. 

Drivers should receive compensation for their medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident. However, you may seek compensation for vehicle repairs from the driver who caused the accident. 

Why You May Want to Consult with a Lawyer After an Accident

The other insurance company may try to deny your claim or blame you for the accident. In this situation, you could use your dash cam footage to support your story about what happened. However, insurance companies often try to misuse dash cam footage. Professionals recommend that you speak with a lawyer before you provide insurance agents with:

  • A recorded statement
  • Dash cam footage 
  • Other evidence regarding your case

You cannot take evidence back once you give evidence to an insurance company. So, carefully consider your position before providing them with footage.

Should You Show Dash Cam Footage to the Police?

Police officers generally file a report about what they believe happened during a motor vehicle collision. Insurance agents and lawyers factor this report into their decisions regarding fault for the wreck. Does this mean you should automatically show the police your dash cam footage? If the video shows that another driver caused the accident clearly, it’s often a good idea to share the footage.

However, even if the footage implicates you, the police have a right to request access to your dash cam footage. Legally, they cannot force you to turn over the footage unless they believe it recorded a portion of a crime. You may discuss the situation with a lawyer to learn more.

Situations Where Dash Cam Evidence Helps Build a Claim

In some cases, dash cam footage helps to show exactly what happened in an accident. You may decide to share dash cam video if another driver:

  • Cut you off
  • Ran a stop sign or sped through a red light
  • Refused to yield to your vehicle 

In these situations, dash cams often provide a clear view of what happened. They also prove useful in many cases involving hit-and-run drivers. Dash cams can capture a driver’s license plate as they drive away from the scene. Police officers and insurance agents may be able to use the license plate to track down the driver who struck you.

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