Palm Bay Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyer You could recover compensation for your Palm Bay big rig accident.

Palm Bay big rig truck accidents often cause significant injuries and sometimes fatalities due to the size of a truck and the force it creates upon impact. When you sustain injuries in such a crash, you may be eligible for compensation from the liable party.

A Palm Bay big rig truck accident lawyer will help identify the party whose negligence caused the incident. We will then pursue compensation by filing a claim or lawsuit.

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How a Palm Bay Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Palm Bay personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you in various ways while you seek compensation. We will gather enough evidence to prove that a particular party was responsible for the crash. Then, we will determine the harm you sustained and identify the right amount to claim.

Filing a compensation claim for a Palm Bay big rig accident requires proving various elements. Our team will establish the following on your behalf:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

Insurance companies may respond to a demand letter with a settlement offer. Your lawyer will advise whether to accept or reject the compensation based on the value of your damages. We will help you negotiate for a better offer and file a lawsuit if necessary.

The claims process may involve meetings with your insurance company or the liable party. Your lawyer will represent you in these sessions and provide timely updates to ensure you have enough information about the case’s progress.

More ways a Palm Bay truck accident attorney from our team will assist are by:

  • Providing legal guidance
  • Answering inquiries about Florida accident laws
  • Assessing non-economic damages
  • Getting a copy of the police report
  • Sending subpoenas

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Damages Recoverable After a Palm Bay Big Rig Truck Accident

Our team can help you recover damages caused by a big rig truck. We will pursue compensation for your past and future medical expenses. We will also include the cost of buying medication and items like hearing aids or crutches. We will ensure your claim includes a demand for lost wages and lost earning capacity.

More damages we will help you seek include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental health injuries
  • Loss of life enjoyment

If your car is damaged or totaled during a Palm Bay big rig truck accident, you could also recover repair costs.

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Common Causes of Big Rig Truck Accidents

When claiming compensation for a big rig truck accident, you must determine the issue that caused the crash. Truck collisions can occur for a broad range of reasons.

For example, they may result from poorly secured or overloaded cargo.

Truck drivers often work for an extended period and ferry goods over long distances. If they do not get enough rest and take required breaks, they may feel exhausted and fail to concentrate on the road. Other issues that may cause big rig truck accidents are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to yield
  • Using poor quality vehicle parts
  • Using the wrong roadside

Harsh weather conditions like ice and snow can make the road slippery and lower vehicle control. Icy roads can cause the truck to slide into another lane and hit your car or drive you off the road.

Other weather conditions that affect road visibility can also lead to big rig accidents. For instance, fog may make it hard to notice approaching vehicles, especially near sharp bends and hills.

Some 18-wheeler accidents happen due to poor vehicle maintenance. If a company fails to service its trucks, systems will wear out with time and lead to mechanical failure. Parts like tires may also blow out and cause severe injuries if the vehicle is speeding.

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Reasons Why Big Rig Truck Accidents Are Catastrophic

Big rig truck accidents are more dangerous than other crash types for various reasons. First, their large size makes it more challenging for drivers to ensure complete vehicle control in sharp bends and merges.

Big rig trucks need more time to stop after brake application. Due to this issue, drivers often find it hard to avoid crashing into other motorists or pedestrians when speeding. It is also tricky to stop the truck suddenly after noticing obstacles or animals crossing the road. If a truck driver follows your car too closely, they may rear-end you if you slow down or stop suddenly.

Another aspect making big rig truck accidents dangerous is blind spots. Unlike in smaller cars, 18-wheelers drivers rely entirely on their side mirrors to inspect their environment. However, the mirrors are not always fully efficient due to the large vehicle size.

Parties That May Be Liable for Palm Bay Big Rig Truck Accident

Several parties may be liable for a Palm Bay big rig truck accident, depending on how the crash occurred. The driver would be responsible if the collision resulted from negligence, such as speeding, failure to yield, or tailgating. We will determine if the trucker was negligent at the time of the crash. We will also look out for issues indicating the big rig truck driver ignored road safety rules.

Trucking companies should ensure their vehicles are in optimal conditions. To do so, they must repair damage and service the truck regularly. If a big rig accident occurs because the truck is not in good condition, the company may be liable for the damages. The trucking company may also be vicariously liable for the truck driver’s negligence.

More parties your attorney can hold responsible for a Palm Bay big rig truck accident are:

  • Shipping companies
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Repair mechanic
  • Local governments

Act Quickly

You have four years to take action after a truck accident in Florida, per Florida Statutes § 95.11. If you do not file your lawsuit within this time, you may forfeit your right to recover damages.

Contact a Palm Bay Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyer

A Palm Bay big rig truck accident lawyer can determine liability and prove damages. We will also help you prevent mistakes that could affect your compensation value or right to file a claim. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine has a legal team to represent victims of 18-wheeler accidents.

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