Has a negligent driver struck you with his or her vehicle and left you injured? Was the driver on a cell phone or otherwise driving recklessly?

Being struck by a vehicle can disable you physically, mentally, and emotionally. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Palm Bay at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you put together a case to pursue compensation for all your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Every motorist is expected to follow all traffic laws as a stipulation of operating a motor vehicle.

Many times, a pedestrian accident is the result of failure to follow traffic laws, such as in the following cases:

  • Distracted driving – Text messaging is a significant contributor to pedestrian accidents. Paying attention to anything other than the road is considered distracted driving. Other examples of distracted driving include eating, reading, or even talking to passengers.
  • Speeding – Speed limits are posted every few miles in Palm Bay. Their intent is to improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike. Exceeding the speed limit is not only illegal, but it can also increase the chances of pedestrian accidents.
  • Aggressive driving – Aggressive driving is the act of operating a vehicle without regard for the safety of oneself or other motorists. Examples include swerving in and out of lanes, riding on the shoulder, following too closely, and honking for any reason aside from warning of danger.
  • Drunk driving – A motorist’s reaction time and judgment are affected when he or she consumes too much alcohol. Furthermore, it can reduce a person’s ability to see the road clearly.
  • Failing to yield – Stop signs, crosswalks, and yield signs are in place for motorists and pedestrians. Failing to adhere to these signs is a traffic violation.

If you think you were struck by a vehicle because the driver was negligent, a personal injury lawyer the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to establish a case.  

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What Can the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine Do to Help?

Physical injuries and financial damages are common consequences of pedestrian accidents.

Our team can assist by:

  • Proving liability – We may be able to establish liability by gathering evidence, talking to eyewitnesses, securing expert testimony, and devising strategies to counter arguments regarding your responsibility in the accident.
  • Estimating damages – Have you missed work due to the accident? Have you paid out-of-pocket for fuel, medications, and doctor visits? Are you depressed and experiencing a lower quality of life because of the accident? The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will take all of these and more into account when investigating your damages.
  • Helping you schedule appointments – If you need help setting appointments with doctors and therapists as they pertain to your case, we can assist you.
  • Communication – Our legal team will provide you with frequent updates and respond to your phone calls or emails promptly. We can guide you through every step of the process and keep you informed.

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5 Things to Do After the Pedestrian Accident

If you were not left unconscious after being struck by a vehicle, take the following actions immediately.

  1. Seek medical care – Emergency medical services and police should have come to investigate the scene, file a report, and provide aid. If they did not, set up an appointment right away for a medical evaluation.
  2. Note the conditions under which you were hit – If you took pictures and collected witness contact information, send them to our legal team. If you asked the driver for his or her information, send the driver license number, license plate number, and insurance company information along too.
  3. Get the police report – Acquire a copy of the police or accident report. Our law firm can help you get a copy of this or any other reports related to your case.
  4. Follow up with doctors – Keep up with visits to your primary care physician and any specialists he or she recommends. Some injuries are not as apparent as others, so a follow-up evaluation may be necessary.
  5. Keep accurate records – Keep notes on all your medical appointments. Record the dates and times, as well as the mileage and the personal expenses incurred. Save all your receipts.

And, of course, seek legal counsel with a pedestrian accident attorney the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine.

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The Most Common Pedestrian Accident Victims

A collision between a car and pedestrian can result in broken bones, a concussion, permanent paralysis, or death. Some pedestrian accidents may result in loss of limbs or crippling pain. And some people are more susceptible to pedestrian accidents than others.

Some of the most common pedestrian accident victims include:

  • Older adults – Some older adults suffer poor eyesight and may be less aware than average pedestrians.
  • Children – Some children do not have safe places to play and must play in or near neighborhood streets. A negligent, drunk, or speeding driver may not see the children in time to react.

All pedestrians have rights to ensure their safety from motorists. Florida Statutes § 316.130 outlines the traffic regulations related to pedestrians.

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