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If you got hurt in a slip and fall accident in Country Club,Florida, you can talk with a lawyer about getting compensation for your injuries. At the Law Offices of Anidjar& Levine, we can answer your questions and explain the legal issues that go into injury claims. Our slip and fall accident team can investigate the incident to find out who is responsible for your losses.

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What We Have to Provein a Slip and Fall Case

If you got hurt on someone else’s property, because of the negligent act or failure to act on the part of someone else, you might have a valid claim for your injuries. The law requires that property owners use ordinary care to keep their property in reasonably safe condition for people who come onto the premises legally.

The property owner can be responsible for your losses if:

  • There was a hazardous condition on the premises, and
  • The owner knew or should have known of the danger, and
  • The owner failed to repair the condition or post adequate warnings about the hazard.

Let’s say that a local coffee shop had some leaky equipment. The machine allowed oil to escape and form a puddle on the floor in an area where customers walk. The coffee shop employees knew about the oil leaks and stepped around the puddle, which was difficult to see because of the floor surface and the lighting in that part of the coffee shop store.

The workers did not, however, cleanup the spill, have the machine repaired so that it would stop leaking oil, or block off the area and post warning signs to prevent unsuspecting customers from getting hurt. This fact pattern meets all three elements of slip and fall. The pooling oil was a dangerous condition on the premises. The company knew or should have known about the danger, and the employees failed to repair the condition or post adequate warnings about the hazard.

The coffee shop will be responsible if a guest slips in the oil puddle, falls, and gets injured. A customer can suffer injuries because of the store’s negligence.

You do not have to figure out whether your fact pattern satisfies the three elements for premises liability. We will be happy to explain the Florida law and answer your questions when we talk with you.

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What You Should Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Country Club, Florida

First of all, you should get medical attention for your injuries at once. If you can, report the incident and your injuries to the store right away. If you cannot notify the store immediately because of your injuries, report the incident as soon as you can.

Before anyone moves things around or cleans up the puddle, try to have someone take photographs for you. You want to preserve evidence of how the scene looked at the time that you fell.

If possible, get the names and contact information of people who might have seen something that could be helpful to your case.

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Getting a Lawyer on Your Side

You can bet that the coffee shop corporation has a team of lawyers ready to protect the company from lawsuits and injury claims. You need to get a slip and fall lawyer in Country Club, FL to protect your legal rights so that you do not have to take on the company by yourself.

The corporation’s liability insurance company will assign an adjuster to the case, who will likely contact you soon after the accident. One of the first things the adjuster will do is try to talk you into giving a recorded statement.

The purpose of this statement is to poke holes in your caseso that the company can try to avoid paying you any money. At a bare minimum, they will try to pay you as little as possible. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company without your lawyer being involved ahead of time. The insurer can take your words out of context to hurt your case.

Another tactic that the adjuster might use is to make a lowball settlement offer to you very early on in the claims process. What many people do not realize is that they will have to pay all of their medical bills out of that one check. Sometimes adjusters offer less money than even the medical bills, leaving people with expenses that they cannot afford to pay. Having a lawyer represent you in your case can protect you from these tactics.

You should not settle your case before completing all of your medical treatment. If you experience a setback in your recuperation, but you’ve already settled with the insurance company, you will not get any more money from the insurer. You can end up having to pay for surgery out-of-pocket and be unable to work, and still not be able to get any more money from the insurance company if you have already entered into a settlement with them.

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Damages for a Slip and Fall Accident

People who get hurt in slip and fall accidents can be eligible for the same types of damages as people in any other kind of personal injury case, like a car accident. The amount you will receive in your particular case will depend upon the facts of your situation. Some of the common types of damages that successful slip and fall victims can recover include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Long-term care
  • Other noneconomic damages, like disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and your spouse’s loss of consortium claim.

How to GetLegal Help for a Slip and Fall Accident in Country Club, Florida

You do not have to go it on your own if you got hurt from a fall on someone else’s property. A slip and fall lawyer in Country Club, Florida can help. You can get a consultation and case review at no charge from our slip and fall injury team. We can handle the legal matters for you so that you can focus on your health.

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