Cape Coral Accident Reconstruction Lawyer A Cape Coral accident reconstruction lawyer can reconstruct your accident and seek compensation for you.

Accident reconstruction can be a powerful tool to prove that you are not at fault for your car accident in Cape Coral. A Cape Coral accident reconstruction lawyer from our firm may hire experts to help recreate your accident. Having an effective model of your accident could help your lawyer obtain any compensation that you may deserve for a fatal or non-fatal car accident.

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Accident Reconstruction Can Help You Win Compensation

Accident reconstruction is a highly technical data-based way to show how an accident occurred. Your Cape Coral accident reconstruction lawyer may rely on experts in fields like engineering, science, or law enforcement to reconstruct your accident.

Accurate car accident reconstruction requires technical knowledge of:

  • Velocity (as related to car accidents)
  • Pre-collision, collision, and post-collision dynamics
  • Trajectory and collision models
  • Vehicle dynamics

Most people do not have a working knowledge of these and other topics relevant to accident reconstruction. Your lawyer may not have professional-level knowledge of these topics either – but they can hire experts who do.

What Accident Reconstruction Entails

An effective and accurate reconstruction of your accident may be able to:

  • Prove that another driver caused your accident
  • Show the force of impact that you or your loved one experienced during your collision
  • Provide a visual representation of the danger you were put in by the other driver or liable individual
  • Serve as compelling evidence in your case for compensation

Reconstructing your accident is only one of the many duties that a lawyer from our firm can arrange for you. In most cases, accident reconstructions are part of your lawyer’s broader strategy to obtain the compensation that you may deserve.

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Other Ways that a Cape Coral Accident Reconstruction Lawyer Can Serve You

A lawyer from our firm can hire an accident reconstruction expert to create evidence for your case. There are many other legal services and benefits you may receive by hiring a lawyer from our firm. For example, your lawyer may:

  • Handle all communications with insurance companies
  • Provide documentation of your injuries to the appropriate authorities
  • Design a legal strategy for your case

The period after a car accident is often filled with stress and confusion. It is all too easy to take action – or fail to take action – that could be harmful to you or your case. A lawyer from our firm can take an objective approach to your case and help you fight for compensation from the moment that you hire them.

Your Lawyer Will Likely Have Experience Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are supposed to provide much-needed compensation when unforeseen accidents occur. However, insurance companies are not always on your side.

Your lawyer can help protect you from any potentially harmful actions by insurance companies, including:

  • Encouraging you to admit fault for the accident
  • Contacting you when you are not fit to make a clear statement
  • Offering you a settlement that is too low
  • Refusing to pay for certain medical services or other losses
  • Stalling any negotiations
  • Hiring lawyers to intimidate you

Unfortunately, these tactics can be effective, especially if you are in need of quick compensation for your losses. A Cape Coral accident reconstruction lawyer from our firm can deal with the insurance companies and anyone else who might try to violate your rights.

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Someone Else May Be Responsible for Your Losses

Your lawyer can determine who is at fault for your accident. This includes any parties who did not cause your accident but may still have some level of liability for your accident-related losses.

Per the American Bar Association (ABA), someone can be found negligent if they did not act as a “reasonable person” would have under the same circumstances. For example, negligent actions by a driver may include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving a vehicle with unsafe tires
  • Driving a vehicle with any known defect
  • Disobeying stop signs, red lights, or other traffic signals
  • Making illegal turns, dangerous lane changes, or any other unsafe movements

Some circumstances may lead to your lawyer naming multiple defendants in your lawsuit or insurance claim. For example, the employer of a driver who was working at the time of the accident could also be held liable.

Losses That May Be Covered

Every car accident victim suffers unique losses. A Cape Coral accident reconstruction lawyer from our firm can review your medical records, income statements, and other documentation to determine what your losses are and how much they may be worth.

You may be eligible for compensation for your economic losses, such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to other personal property
  • Healthcare costs
  • Medication costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Therapy costs

You may also recover compensation for non-economic costs. For car accidents, pain and suffering is the most common type of non-economic loss.

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