What Do I Do If My Memory Of The Car Accident Differs From My Statement? Sometimes, a person’s memory of a car accident can differ from the statement in the police report.

If the data that looks incorrect appears in the report from the Orlando Police Department, you should explore whether the officer took down your words accurately. Mistakes can happen on accident reports. In any given police report, there can be several errors. When the mistakes negatively impact your claim for money damages, you can try to correct the facts by:

  • Using the testimony of an eyewitness who can support your version of what happened.
  • Working with an accident reconstruction expert to prove through math and science that the accident could not have happened in the way that the report says. Also, these experts can show the judge what did happen.
  • Getting video evidence from a dashboard camera or nearby security cameras at homes or businesses. With the increasing numbers of high-quality security video cameras, you have a decent chance of finding footage that captures the facts you need.

Depending on the facts of your situation, you might have additional options.

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What to Do if You Made an Inaccurate Statement

If you think that you might have provided incorrect information, there are still possible ways to bring accurate data forward. For example:

  • If you got injured in the crash, you might have been confused or disoriented when the officer took your statement. Head injury, blood loss, the shock of the event, and trauma can affect a person’s ability to observe things and answer questions correctly.
  • If the officer took your statement when you were in the emergency room or hospital, you might have been under the influence of painkillers or other medication that could explain inaccurate statements.
  • You might have thought the information was correct when you talked to the police, but you learned later facts that convinced you otherwise. Presenting those subsequent facts can explain the discrepancy.
  • If the statement in question was a recorded statement that you provided to the insurance adjuster and you do not think the transcribed document reflects what you said, there are possible remedies. Your lawyer can request a copy of the recording to find out if the transcript contains mistakes.

You should not give a recorded statement to an insurance company without first getting your lawyer involved. The insurer can twist your words and use them against you to try to deny your claim or to pay you less money than you deserve. If the adjuster asks you to give a recorded statement, tell him to talk to your lawyer. Once you get a lawyer, the insurance company is not supposed to contact you directly.

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