What Damages Can I Collect For A Car Accident in West Palm Beach, FL? If you were hurt in a West Palm Beach car accident, you could recover damages for your losses.

If you suffered injuries in a West Palm Beach, FL car accident, you can recover damages that include your medical care up to the limits of the policy and a portion of your lost wages.

If your injuries are severe enough to exceed the Florida “serious injury” threshold as outlined in FL § 627.7407, you may be able to pursue additional damages by holding the at-fault driver liable. An attorney from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can review your case for free today and help you understand your options.

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Recoverable Damages After a Car Accident in West Palm Beach, FL

The losses and expenses you experienced because of the accident are the damages you can recover through a fault-based personal injury claim. These damages can vary, but some of the most common include:

  • Past and future medical bills related to your accident injuries
  • Ongoing care costs such as therapy and rehabilitation, in-home care, or assisted living or nursing home placement
  • Past lost wages and benefits
  • Future lost wages or diminished earning capacity
  • Miscellaneous out-of-pocket costs

When we can file a third-party liability claim, we also pursue pain and suffering and

emotional distress damages for a car accident on behalf of our clients. These noneconomic damages are more difficult to value but can be substantial.

In addition, we pursue wrongful death damages for our clients if a member of their immediate family died as a result of the accident. If your loved one passed away in a West Palm Beach car accident, a compassionate member of our team is standing by to discuss your case today. Call 1-800-747-3733 to learn more.

Gathering Evidence and Proving Your Damages For a Car Accident

To recover damages on your behalf, we need to gather evidence to prove your losses and expenses. This may require us to:

  • Collect your medical bills, receipts, repair estimates, and other physical documentation of your expenses
  • Gather information about your lost wages and benefits
  • Document the severity and nature of your injuries
  • Work with expert witnesses including medical experts, economists, accident reconstruction specialists, and others

We need to document both your past expenses and losses and those you may face in the future. Expert witnesses will play a key role in helping us prove your ongoing and future medical needs, lost wages, and more.

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Act Now to Pursue Damages in Your West Palm Beach Car Accident Case

When it comes to pursuing damages after a West Palm Beach car accident, we must pay careful attention to all the deadlines we must meet. FL § 95.11 enforces a statute of limitations that sets a time limit on how long we have to take legal action against the at-fault driver in civil court. In most cases, this is four years from the date of the accident, but there are circumstances that can lengthen or shorten this period.

Before we file a lawsuit, though, there are other steps we need to navigate. We need to prove fault and liability in your case, as well as prove your range of damages. Then, we generally file a claim based on the at-fault driver’s liability automobile insurance policy. We can often negotiate a fair out-of-court settlement agreement at this point, although we may need to litigate your case if we cannot reach a fair agreement.

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