Jacksonville Veterans Neglect and Abuse in a Nursing Home Lawyer If an elderly loved one is a military veteran who was neglected or mistreated in their nursing home, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

If a military veteran you love was the victim of abuse or neglect in their Jacksonville nursing home, you could have the basis of a financial compensation claim. A Jacksonville veterans neglect and abuse lawyer can review the details of your case and explore your possible financial recovery options.

Should your case be successful, you could recover:

  • The cost of transferring to a new care facility
  • Your loved one’s medical bills
  • The cost of mental health counseling for your loved one
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience

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Defining Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The abuse and neglect of an elderly nursing home resident is never acceptable. When maltreatment does occur, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation from the at-fault nursing home. Our team is here to offer the support and guidance you need while you focus your efforts on comforting, caring for, and reassuring your loved one.

Elder abuse against U.S. military veterans is cited by Federal Practitioner as, “intentional actions that cause harm or a serious risk of harm to an older adult by a caregiver or other person who stands in a trust relationship to the elder, or failure by a caregiver to satisfy the elder’s basic needs or to protect the elder from harm.”

The journal goes on to identify six forms of nursing home abuse, including:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Neglect
  • Self-neglect

If someone you love was abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated in their nursing home, we are here to help. On your behalf, we will investigate the details of your loved one’s treatment, estimate the cost of your case, and help you file a lawsuit. Our team is committed to helping you and your family through this stressful time.

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Considerations After Discovering Instances of Abuse or Neglect

It can take time to become aware of the abuse or neglect of an elderly veteran you love. It can be particularly difficult if your loved one is afraid or unable to speak up for themselves.

As soon as you become aware of the abuse or neglect your loved one endured, you should consider taking three important steps:

  • Relocating your loved one to a location where they feel safe and secure
  • Ensuring they receive prompt medical attention if they have sustained any injuries
  • Keeping all documentation regarding instances of abuse or neglect

After your loved one has received the professional medical care they require, you may want to consider your legal options. In Florida, you only have a limited time to file a lawsuit for compensation.

According to Florida Statute §400.0236, the deadline for filing a civil action rests on when you discovered (or reasonably should have discovered) instances of abuse or neglect were taking place. Our team can evaluate the details of your situation and determine how much time you have to act. To promote your case’s success, we encourage you to reach out to the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine as soon after you discover instances of abuse or neglect.

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Nursing Home Residents in Jacksonville Have Legal Rights

When your family selected a nursing home for your elderly loved one, you chose one that you believed would provide them with the best possible care. Every Florida nursing home resident is entitled to a specific set of legal rights. These rights are explained under Florida Statute §429.28.

Nursing homes are legally obligated to:

  • Provide residents with courteous and respectful treatment
  • Provide living conditions free of abuse or neglect
  • Allow residents open communication with family and friends
  • Grant residents control over their personal property and finances

If your elderly veteran loved one was neglected or abused in their nursing home, a lawyer can help you understand the treatment they suffered, assign liability to the at-fault party, and fight for financial recovery.

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What Your Jacksonville Veterans Neglect and Abuse Lawyer Can Do for You

Proving that your loved one was abused in their nursing home can be difficult on your own. This is especially true when the realization of their abuse leads to feelings of stress, frustration, and anger on your part.

When our team advocates on your family’s behalf, we can take an objective view that helps us prove the elements of your nursing home abuse claim.

Our team can:

  • Read and review your loved one’s medical records
  • Assess the cost of their abuse-related medical care
  • Take and examine pictures of their injuries
  • Take and examine pictures of their personal living conditions
  • Interview other residents and staff members

Our nursing home abuse team will fight to support your allegations and advocate for your loved one’s rights. Our goal is to help you receive compensation that leaves you with no out-of-pocket expenses. To learn more about what a Jacksonville veterans neglect and abuse lawyer can do for you, we encourage you to give our team a call today.

Fight Back Against Veteran Neglect and Abuse

When veterans reside in nursing homes, they should receive the care and attention they need and deserve. If you trusted your elderly loved one to a Jacksonville nursing home, and they received inadequate care, you may be entitled to financial recovery.

A Jacksonville veterans neglect and abuse lawyer can offer responsive legal care that allows you to focus on what matters most while we take care of everything else. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not need to pay anything upfront to get our help. We get paid for our services out of the settlement we get for you. If we cannot recover compensation for you and your family, then you are not responsible for our attorney’s fees.

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