Slip and fall injuries are unfortunately common. If the negligence of another person caused you or a loved one to sustain injuries in a fall, you may have grounds for legal action.

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine can help you recover compensation for your damages. We will work to negotiate a settlement on your behalf to cover your medical bills, extensive rehabilitation, and long-term disability after a serious fall. If you cannot return to work, we can help you recover lost wages, too.

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How serious is a slip and fall accident?

Slip and fall accidents are more serious than they may seem. They are one of the most common causes of death in the state, ahead of car accidents and firearm mishaps. It is the most common fatal injury among Floridians age 65 and above.

People of any age can suffer a slip and fall accident, though. Some of the most common scenarios that lead to fall-related injuries are:

  • Broken sidewalks and pavement;
  • Loose rugs and unsecured floor mats;
  • Extension cords in high-traffic areas;
  • Stairs without handrails;
  • Unmarked steps or curbs;
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • Spills or water leaks;
  • Obstructions;
  • Potholes; and
  • Building and safety code violations.

These accidents commonly lead to a variety of significant personal injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Back injuries; and
  • Joint dislocations.

These injuries can lead to extensive hospital stays and mounting medical bills that you may not have the means to pay—especially if the accident rendered you unable to work. After a serious fall, you may also face in-home care costs, rehabilitation, lost benefits from work, and a variety of other future costs.

That is why slip and fall accidents are so damaging. Our attorneys can help you hold the responsible party liable so you receive the compensation you need to heal.

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How can I prove someone was at fault for my injuries?

Slip and fall accidents often occur as the result of someone’s negligence. In these cases, the victims have a legal right to pursue compensation. If that was the case in your injury, we will take on the challenge of proving that another person or company was at fault.

Florida’s premises liability laws place the onus of safety on property owners. This means that individuals or businesses that own a property must ensure a safe environment for visitors. If a dangerous situation exists, the owner must make repairs or provide ample notification of a potential hazard.

If your injury occurred after a slip and fall on someone else’s property, we will prove that the property owner knew about the danger and failed to repair it before it caused your fall. Even if the owner or manager of the property was not aware that a tripping or slipping hazard was present, they still may have legal liability under the reasonable person standard.

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What is the reasonable person standard?

The legal system uses the standard of the reasonable person in determining liability for a fall. This means that, if a reasonable person would have identified and addressed the unsafe condition that caused an accident, the property owner should have as well.

If we can show that the property owner in your case failed to act as a reasonable person would have in the same situation, we can hold them responsible for your injuries.

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What is the potential value of my slip and fall accident claim?

The nature and extent of your injuries—and how long it will take you to recover—will determine the value of your claim. If your injuries were life-threatening or if you sustained a long-term or permanent disability, the amount you are eligible for will increase.

We will start calculating your settlement value by totaling your current hospital bills, doctor bills, other medical care costs, and your lost wages to date. We will also add in the estimated costs of future doctor bills, therapy and rehabilitation costs, future lost income and job benefits, and pain and suffering damages.

If necessary, we can bring in medical experts to provide testimony on your prognosis and to help establish your need for future care. We will not rest until you recover the full value of your damages from the at-fault party.

When should I call a lawyer?

After a slip and fall, be sure you first seek adequate medical care. Then contact us immediately.

We will get to work right away collecting the evidence we need to prove your claim. That may mean taking photos of your injuries or the scene of your fall. We will look for any existing surveillance footage of your accident and will talk to any eyewitnesses who saw what happened. We may also call on resources such as doctors and accident scene reconstruction experts to begin building your accident liability case.

Our attorneys will also protect you during settlement negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. We will keep you from accepting an early, lowball settlement offer. We will also make sure you do not provide any damaging information to the insurer that they can use to lessen or deny your claim.

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If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury in a slip and fall accident, you need an attorney who is ready to stand and fight for you. At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, we will explore all legal options with you and ensure that you understand how each one may affect your future

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