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An auto accident can cause a lot of different types of injuries. Some car crash injuries need weeks to months to heal. A knee injury can affect you for the rest of your life.

Has a knee injury from a vehicle collision disturbed your everyday life? You may be able to seek financial compensation for expenses and anguish it has caused you.

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Getting Reimbursed for a Car Accident Caused by Someone Else

The state of Florida requires all drivers to register and meet the minimum requirements for insurance coverage. The state enforces these laws to protect all drivers and pedestrians in the event of a collision.

Florida Statutes § 324.021 states that drivers have to carry the following minimum insurance requirements:

  • $10,000 for personal injury of one person.
  • $20,000 for personal injury of two or more people.
  • $10,000 for property damage.

A “no-fault state” means that each driver has insurance to cover their injuries and other damages, such as vehicle repairs and replacements, regardless of fault. In the event of an accident, you would place a claim with your car insurance company for reimbursement for covered losses.

This coverage also includes personal injury protection (PIP), which covers expenses like health insurance deductibles.

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Covered Losses

Covered losses include financial costs that an insurance company reimburses to the policyholder. Losses include those that are financial and impact a person or property. You may seek compensation for a personal injury from your insurance company, the at-fault party’s insurance company, and the driver themself.

According to Florida’s insurance laws detailed in Florida Statutes § 627.7407, you will seek a claim for your losses with your car insurance company. A Gainesville knee injury caused by a car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can negotiate the amount for you.

Insurance companies might want to pay you less than you deserve to protect their bottom line. The other driver’s insurance company might also offer a low settlement amount. You should not have to keep suffering financially because an insurance company low-balled you.

You should know your rights as a victim of a car accident that was not your fault. It can help to have a legal professional on your side of the table.

If the other driver was uninsured, you would need to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your medical bills and vehicle repair costs. Getting payment from an uninsured driver is more difficult than dealing with insurance companies.

Often in these cases, the at-fault driver needs a payment plan to afford the lawsuit reward. If they default on their legal obligation, their payment can go to debt collectors or can be withdrawn from their paychecks directly as a court order.

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How a Knee Becomes Injured in a Car Collision

A knee can become damaged in a number of ways in a vehicle accident. The most common is when the individuals are suddenly forced forward and hit their knees against a part of the vehicle.

Your knee may have become injured when another vehicle crashed into you. The impact from any angle can cause the body to shift quickly. Your knee may have hit any of the following:

  • The dashboard
  • Nearby door panel
  • Center console
  • The back of another seat

These are all types of trauma your knee experiences from blunt trauma. Several types of knee injuries can also occur from a car crash.

You may have experienced a knee injury from slamming on the brakes to stop or reduce the impact of a collision. The impact combined with the compressed pressure of your braking can cause knee conditions, resulting in extensive medical bills and rehabilitation costs. A lawyer might be able to help you get this money back.

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How a Lawyer Can Help

You will need to gather evidence for your lawsuit. In cases of driving under the influence, the police report noting the driver’s blood-alcohol concentration can be helpful when proving liability and negligence. Other documents useful for car accident lawsuits include:

  • Medical bills: Keep a record of the expenses that you paid as a result of the accident. Start with the immediate medical attention you received, such as ambulance transportation and hospital admission. You will also want to include any subsequent costs like therapy or follow-up visits. If your knee injury requires ongoing therapy, you will want an accurate estimate of your future expenses.
  • Health care records: You may sue for pain and suffering. While there are no bills or invoices for pain and suffering, your Gainesville knee injury caused by a car accident lawyer may be able to illustrate the impact of the injury. Not all knee injuries are the same, and proof of the damage you suffered can be a basis for additional compensation.
  • Documents related to covered losses: Your insurance policy covers certain bills. This may include compensation for repairs and service for your vehicle. Insurance companies prefer detailed invoices for each part and price.
  • Past paychecks: If you missed work because of the accident, you could request payment for wages lost because of the accident. Knee injuries may affect your ability to work in the future. For instance, full knee mobility can be a job requirement for jobs in construction.

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