Has a slip and fall accident left you in pain or permanently disabled? If you fell as the result of a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to collect compensation for your losses.

You must file a slip and fall case within Florida’s statute of limitations. Let the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine assist you in this trying time by establishing the responsible party’s negligence and liability, so you can get the money you need.

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How Can Anidjar & Levine Help With My Slip and Fall Case?

If you were in a slip and fall accident, you naturally have a few concerns. You may be wondering who is going to pay your medical bills or if you will ever be free of pain again. You may be worried about losing wages due to your injuries. Your accident may prevent you from driving or participating in normal activities.

Aside from easing these concerns, your lawyer can help you:

Prove liability – Using all evidence available, including witness testimony and accident scene photos, Anidjar & Levine will attempt to establish the property owner’s liability by proving one of the following:

  • The owner or an employee caused the spill or damaged area of the floor.
  • The owner or employees knew of the spill or damage and did nothing to dry or fix it.
  • The owner or employees should have known about it, as any reasonable person would have taken proper steps to dry or fix the problem.

File within time – Chapter 95, Section 11 of the Florida Statutes indicates the statute of limitations for a slip and fall accident based on negligence is four years. If you call Anidjar & Levine, our legal team will react quickly to file all paperwork on time.

Address allegations of comparative negligence – The property owner may claim you are equally or more responsible for slipping and falling on the property. The burden is on the defendant to prove comparative negligence, per Florida’s shared fault rules, but your slip and fall accident lawyer in Florida can gather evidence to counter any allegations of your negligence and liability for your accident.

Calculate compensation – We will estimate the compensation to which you may be entitled. Estimates are based on:

  • Wages lost from missing work due to injuries and appointments
  • Expenses for medical care, prescriptions, fuel, and travel time
  • Missed financial opportunities (e.g., loss of promotion, loss of benefits)
  • Quality of life after the accident (pain and suffering)

Negotiate a settlement outside of court – Sometimes, the property owner will want to avoid going to court and offer to settle before going to trial. Anidjar & Levine will build a case and strategy that meet your best interests.

Help schedule appointments – Your legal team can help you to schedule necessary appointments.

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Causes of Slip and Falls & How the Cause Affects Liability

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone. Common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Lack of warning signs
  • Disorganized cords and maintenance equipment placed on the floor
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Insufficient area lighting
  • Potholes and broken pavement
  • Loose floor coverings
  • Oil on walkways, driveways, and in parking lots

It is the owner or employees’ duty to address these hazardous conditions. Failing to remedy dangerous issues can lead to accidents resulting in broken bones, head injuries, back pain, and a lifetime of resounding pain. These sorts of injuries can negatively impact your quality of life.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will gather the details of your slip and fall accident and help build your premises liability case. Call 1-800-747-3733 for a case evaluation.

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What to Do After the Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident may leave you dazed and out of sorts. If you experienced a slip and fall, take the following actions immediately:

  1. Report it to management – If you did not report your accident at the time, file a report with management to properly document the accident.
  2. Save pictures of the accident area – If you took pictures, print copies and save the files on your computer. Having images or video of the area can help to establish liability.
  3. Save witnesses contact information – If anyone saw you fall and you got their contact details, your lawyer can contact them to ask if they would be willing to retell the events of the incident.
  4. Seek medical attention – If you haven’t already, visit a doctor, as some injuries may not be apparent immediately. Even if you do not feel injured, see a doctor for an evaluation.

Keep Records of the Slip and Fall Accident & Your Injuries

Once you have completed all the above, call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine for a consultation at 1-800-747-3733. In the meantime, go to any scheduled follow-up appointments and keep accurate records, such as:

  • The time, date, and location of the accident
  • Receipts of all medical visits and prescriptions pertaining to the accident
  • Other expenses like fuel costs and travel time
  • A journal of pain or other ways your injuries and the accident affect your life

All the above may help build your personal injury case. Your lawyer can inform you of your options and keep you informed of how to proceed. The stages of a personal injury case differ, but generally go as follows:

  1. Insurance claim and negotiations.
  2. File a lawsuit if unable to reach an insurance settlement.
  3. Discovery process including depositions or interrogatories.
  4. Negotiate for a fair settlement before trial.
  5. Go to trial, if unable to reach a fair settlement.
  6. Appealing a court’s decision if you disagree with the trial outcome.

Do not wait any longer if you had a slip and fall accident. Call 1-800-747-3733 so Anidjar & Levine can guide you through every step of the process.