Boca Raton Sexual Abuse Lawyer Sexual abuse in nursing homes is an egregious violation of an elderly person’s rights and dignity and could be a reason to bring a lawsuit.

More than a quarter of Boca Raton’s population is aged 65 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This relatively high rate of elderly residents may correspond with a substantial number of nursing homes. It is possible that poor or even abusive treatment of elderly residents could go unnoticed if you are not vigilant about your loved one’s care. If you notice signs that indicate possible sexual abuse of your loved one, or any other type of mistreatment, then you may contact the team for a Boca Raton sexual abuse lawyer to find out how you can protect your loved one and seek justice.

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The Elderly Are a Vulnerable Population

Findings published by the Administration for Community Living (ACL) highlights the vulnerabilities that the elderly population may face. These issues may not be often discussed, and include:

  • Mental health problems
  • Substance abuse
  • The possibility of suicide
  • Lack of social and emotional support
  • Lack of satisfaction from their life

These issues reflect the vulnerability of aging, and also underscore why it is critical for the elderly to receive high-quality care in the nursing home where they live. Yet, with the ACL also projecting Florida’s elderly population to continue growing at a rapid rate, it is no guarantee that your loved one will receive empathetic care from qualified caregivers.

In fact, you must consider that your loved one could be the target for mistreatment in a community living setting. Knowing the signs of mistreatment and sexual abuse could help you react appropriately when signs of abuse or neglect arise.

Possible Signs of Sexual Abuse and Other Mistreatment

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) notes specific signs that could indicate your elderly loved one is the victim of sexual abuse. Some of those signs include:

  • Bruising around your loved one’s genitals or breasts
  • Bleeding in the areas around your loved one’s genitals or anus
  • Unexplained blood on your loved one’s undergarments
  • Infections of the genitals
  • Venereal disease

The most overt sign that your loved one is being or has been mistreated in a sexual manner is them telling you that they are a victim. If you have any reason to suspect that your loved one is the victim of sexual mistreatment, then you may insist that an independent medical professional examine your loved one for more definitive symptoms of sexual abuse.

The possibility that your loved one has been the victim of sexual mistreatment is one that you should take quite seriously. You may hire a Boca Raton sexual abuse lawyer to advise you on steps to take if you suspect that your loved one has been mistreated in any way.

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Nursing Home Abuse Is an Underreported Reality

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) explains that sexual abuse of the elderly is an underreported problem and one that is very much real. It notes that elderly individuals such as your loved one could fail to report their abuse because:

  • They have physical or mental limitations that prevent them from conveying their thoughts effectively
  • They fear that they will be treated even worse by their abuser if they report mistreatment, which could be an idea resulting from a direct threat
  • They experience feelings of shame related to the abuse
  • They depend on their abuser in some way and fear that exposing abuse could prevent them from accessing the basic care that they need

In some cases, the staff at institutions such as nursing homes may fail to take your loved one’s report of abuse seriously or may ignore it altogether. This sort of failure could represent an additional type of negligence, which could entitle your loved one to compensation for their losses.

A Lawyer May Be Able to Pursue Justice for Your Loved One

If it becomes clear that your loved one is the victim of sexual abuse or another type of mistreatment, then a lawyer may initiate legal action against responsible parties. Those who could be responsible for elder sexual abuse include:

  • An individual who perpetrated the abuse; this may be a staffer, another resident, administrator, or visitor to the nursing home
  • The highest levels of leadership for the nursing home where the abuse occurred
  • Specific administrators who improperly handled your loved one’s reports of abuse
  • Specific staffers who did not properly monitor your loved one or their subordinates who were perpetrating abuse

A lawyer may review all of the facts related to your loved one’s mistreatment in order to identify all parties who are liable for their abuse-related losses. They may name these parties as defendants in any lawsuit that you choose to bring on behalf of your loved one.

If your lawyer successfully negotiates a settlement or secures a favorable judgment for your loved one, then you may obtain compensation for:

  • The cost of your loved one’s stay at the institution where the abuse happened
  • The cost of medical care related to your loved one’s mistreatment
  • Pain and suffering that your loved one has endured
  • Any other losses that have resulted from your loved one’s mistreatment

In addition to any financial compensation that your loved one deserves, bringing a lawsuit could be about seeking justice for your loved one.

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