Boca Raton Neck Injury Lawyer If you suffered a neck injury, you could be entitled to compensation.

If you suffered a neck injury due to the carelessness of another person, you might be able to recover monetary damages. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, this could occur through a negotiated settlement, a personal injury lawsuit, or an insurance claim. 

While all of these options have the potential for success, favorable outcomes are never guaranteed. The attorneys and insurance companies on the other side will work tirelessly to prevent you from securing fair compensation. However, a Boca Raton neck injury lawyer from our firm has your best interests in mind. Our team will do everything in our power to see justice served.

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You Could be Entitled to a Monetary Award for Your Boca Raton Neck Injury

Neck injuries have the potential to carry long-term, permanent, or even fatal health consequences. Even when neck injuries heal, physical, mental, or financial hardships can linger. If your neck injury occurred as the result of another party’s negligence, you could seek financial compensation from that individual. 

There is no way for an attorney to tell you the exact value of your case or guarantee a specific outcome for your insurance claim. However, our firm can rely on our experience with handling neck injury cases. Your lawyer will provide you with guidance on what you might expect from your case. This starts with carefully evaluating the monetary damages you might be entitled to recover. 

Medical Expenses

One of the major factors with most neck injury cases is the overwhelming cost of medical care. Treating less severe neck injuries like whiplash can be costly and time-consuming, but those costs pale in comparison to conditions like paralysis or spinal cord damage. 

If your case is successful, you could recover the cost of your medical treatment—in the past and future. 

Pain and Suffering

Neck injuries are known for being painful. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash can result in soreness for days, weeks, or months. 

Chronic pain is also possible following nerve damage or spinal injuries. You could recover compensation for the pain you suffer through a personal injury lawsuit. 

Lost Wages

The pain and disability that often comes with a neck injury could make it difficult to return to work in the days, weeks, or months following your accident. 

Missing time away from work could cost you the income you rely on and make it difficult to cover the other unexpected expenses common with neck injuries. You could replace both past and future lost wages with a personal injury lawsuit. 

Diminished Future Earnings

Some neck injuries can leave you with permanent disabilities. If those disabilities prevent you from performing the tasks required of your job, you might be forced to pursue other employment. 

If your new employment options pay less than your previous position, you might be able to recover the difference in lost income. 

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You Could Have Options for Pursuing Fair Compensation 

Neck injuries can happen under many different circumstances. The specifics of these circumstances will determine what options you have available.

In some situations, pursuing an insurance claim—either through your own policy or through the policy of another person—will be your best option. In other situations, a personal injury lawsuit could give you the best chance at securing fair compensation. In either case, our firm could help you maximize your financial recovery. 

Pursuing Insurance Claims

Seeking compensation from an insurance company is a strong option. Of course, obtaining insurance benefits is only a possibility if a policy covers your accident. Insurance claims play a big part of neck injury cases that stem from car accidents. 

You could pursue benefits under your own “no-fault” coverage, or in some cases you could seek a liability claim against the policy held by the other driver. 

Insurance claims are also possible if your neck injury occurred on another person’s property. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect property owners from injury claims made by third parties. You might be entitled to benefits through these policies if your neck injury resulted from a hazard on someone else’s property. 

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Palm Beach County

Sometimes insurance claims are not an option. Other times, the insurance company might unreasonably deny your claim. In these situations, a lawsuit could be your best path forward towards compensation. 

You have a right to file a lawsuit against the negligent party that caused your injuries, especially if they lack insurance coverage. From property owners to motorists, these parties could be the target of a lawsuit. You generally have four years to file under Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a).

Pursuing litigation is often necessary to secure a reasonable settlement offer from an insurance company. These companies have an obligation to defend their policyholders, and a lawsuit could be the step needed to move settlement negotiations forward. 

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What Happens If You are Partially Responsible for Your Neck Injury?

When it comes to the cause of a neck injury, establishing fault is not always cut and dry. There are situations where you might have played a role in the accident that resulted in your injuries. 

When that is the case, Florida law could still allow you to pursue legal action against the other party. However, your shared fault could diminish the amount of compensation you are entitled to recover. 

In Boca Raton, a legal standard known as comparative negligence applies. Under this standard, you have the right to recover a proportional amount of damages for your injuries based on your degree of fault. For example, if you were 30 percent responsible for causing your own neck injury, you could recover at most 70 percent of your total damages from the other party. 

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Our Lawyers Can Help You Recover a Monetary Award for Your Injuries

Neck injuries can be a traumatic experience for anyone to deal with. The pain and loss of mobility are challenging, and the severe consequences that are common with these injuries are even more debilitating. 

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