What Does a Torn Neck Muscle Feel Like? A torn or strained neck muscle often feels like a sharp, stabbing pain.

What does a torn neck muscle feel like? A torn neck muscle may feel like a sharp, stabbing pain in the neck area. You may have a limited range of motion or feel a dull, achy pain in the neck area. Other common symptoms of a torn neck muscle include localized swelling, soreness, “knots”, stiffness, or weakness.

A badly torn neck muscle will likely make it very difficult to move your head and result in severe pain. A mild tear or strain may be stiff for a few days and resolve on its own.

Torn muscles, also called muscle strains, often occur due to an injury, such as whiplash after a car accident, not warming up before strenuous physical activity, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, a slip or fall, or from repetitive movement such as rowing, playing football, or even sitting in an awkward position for an extended period of time.

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Common Treatment for Torn Muscle in Neck

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a torn neck muscle feel like it is creating numbness or weakness in your arms, or if your pain radiates from your neck into your shoulders, you should seek medical care.

We also recommend seeking medical attention if you experience a traumatic injury, such as a fall, car accident, or sports injury. Depending upon the severity of your neck injuries, your medical team may suggest the following treatment options:

  • A soft collar or halo to immobilize the neck to allow the muscles to heal.
  • Physical therapy to correct your posture and alignment and help strengthen the muscle.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation, which delivers mild electrical pulses to the area. This may help reduce the amount of pain you experience.
  • Traction, a treatment that uses weights and pulleys to stretch your neck and relieve nerve pain.
  • Medication such as steroid or lidocaine injections to relieve pain.

In serious cases of torn neck muscles, surgical options may be considered. Factors that may impact your treatment include age, general health, the cause of the injury, and whether any vertebrae were damaged.

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If you sustained a torn neck muscle due to the actions of another party, you may be eligible to recover damages. Depending on your situation, these damages may include medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering damages.

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