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Smithsonian Magazine reports that “sinkholes occur more frequently in Florida than any other state.” Sinkholes occur when the surface ground collapses into a void underneath the earth. Sinkholes can cause expensive damage to land, buildings, and personal property. Insurance companies have a strong financial incentive to aggressively defend against sinkhole property claims.

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What Causes Sinkholes

There’s actually a science behind Florida’s sinkhole epidemic. When water dissolves bedrock, the ground above it can collapse. Sinkholes are essentially landscapes that have been underlain by limestone that becomes eroded or dissolves easily in water it is referred to as karst. Sinkholes can vary in width from a few feet to several acres across. Some sinkholes are merely a slight depression in the ground, while others swallow cars and buildings.

Smithsonian Magazine reports that “man-made development […] is the most persistent factor for increased sinkholes.” Various scenarios can lead to a man-made sinkhole.

Some of the more common situations include:

  • A water main rupture
  • Water collecting on the surface due to actions by humans
  • Underground sewers, tunnels, or mines collapsing
  • People diverting or removing groundwater

Your insurer might pay for catastrophic ground cover collapse if your building experiences enough foundation damage to get condemned, but deny coverage for lesser damage without the additional sinkhole rider to your policy, according to Smithsonian Magazine. A West Palm Beach sinkhole property claim lawyer can help you navigate this legal kerfuffle.

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The Scope of the Sinkhole Problem

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), a science bureau of the United States Department of the Interior, reports that sinkhole damage cost $300 million each year in the United States. The USGS adds the caveat that this estimate is likely on the low side because no one keeps track of the cost of sinkhole damages for the entire country.

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A West Palm Beach Sinkhole Property Claim Lawyer Can Help Determine Liability for Sinkhole Damage

It can be expensive to try to establish what caused a particular sinkhole, so going after someone for your losses can be a challenge. You would likely have to hire geologists, engineers, and other experts to run tests and try to find the cause of the collapse. You might suspect nearby construction, but proving responsibility can be an uphill battle.

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