You are riding in a taxicab from the airport when the cab strikes another vehicle, or you are driving your car when a taxi rear-ends you. If you are injured in a taxicab accident, you may be compensated for your injuries by the negligent party—the cab driver or the driver of the vehicle that struck the cab.

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You Are Injured in an Accident While Riding in a Cab

If you are riding in a taxicab and are injured when the cab is involved in a crash, you must determine who is responsible for the accident—the cab driver or the driver of the other vehicle. You must prove the driver’s negligence and that your injuries arose out of the accident.

The Taxicab Driver Causes an Accident Injuring a Passenger

Some taxicab drivers lease their vehicles from a cab company, while other cab drivers own their cars. Florida motor vehicle law regulates that taxicab companies must carry taxi insurance. Owners or lessees of taxicabs must provide liability coverage for personal injuries of $125,000 per person, $250,000 per occurrence, and $50,000 for property damage. Also, personal insurance protection (PIP), Florida’s no-fault insurance, does not apply to taxicabs.

If you are riding in a taxicab and sustain injuries in an accident caused by the cab driver, you look first to the liability insurance of the owner or lessee of the cab to compensate you for your injuries. You may be able to proceed under the underinsured motorist coverage of your own insurance policy if your damages exceed the liability limits.

The Driver of the Other Car Causes an Accident Injuring the Cab Passenger

If you are riding in a taxicab and another driver causes a cab accident, you first look for coverage through PIP coverage. PIP coverage provides $10,000 for severe injuries and $2,500 for non-serious injuries. PIP coverage requires that you seek treatment for your injuries in 14 days and it does not include property damage or damages for pain and suffering.

Once that coverage is exhausted, you move on to the other driver’s liability insurance. The amount of coverage will be set out in the driver’s insurance policy, and it will cover all your damages, including property damage and payment for your pain and suffering. If your costs exceed the other driver’s liability coverage, you may recover under the underinsured motorist provision of your insurance policy.

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You Are Injured When Your Vehicle Is in an Accident with a Taxicab

If you are injured in Port St. Lucie, Florida when a taxicab strikes your car, and you can show the taxicab driver’s negligence caused the accident, you can proceed against the owner or lessee of the cab. Florida law requires the cab owner or driver to carry minimum limits:

  • $125,000 per person
  • $250,000 per accident
  • $50,000 for property damage

The liability limits may exceed if you have serious injuries. You can then proceed against the underinsured motorist coverage of your policy.

Another principle that may come into play if your vehicle is involved in an accident with a taxicab is whether you were partially at fault. Under Florida’s comparative fault law, you can recover damages if your negligence partly caused the crash, but the damages you may recover reduce by the percentage of your negligence. For example, if you were 25 percent at fault, you can only recover 75 percent of your damages.

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What to Expect from the Insurance Company after an Accident

The insurance company will take your statement about the accident. Be honest in your responses. Something you say to a claims adjuster could be used against you later if the case goes to trial. Your statements can harm or help your position when negotiating your claim.

The first offer from an insurance company may be a low number. Do not agree to settle your claim without consulting a lawyer. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can negotiate with the insurance company to get a better offer. If both parties cannot reach a reasonable settlement, our attorneys can take the matter to court.

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Proving Negligence and Damages in a Taxicab Accident

You must prove that the negligence of the taxicab driver or the driver of another vehicle caused the accident and that your injury resulted from the accident. A personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie can help you prove the accident was the fault of the taxicab driver or another driver and that you were not negligent.

Our attorneys will investigate the case and may find another cause of the accident. For example, the brakes or tires on a vehicle may be defective, meaning you can bring a product liability suit against the vehicle or tire manufacturer.

Your lawyer can also help prove your damages, which may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

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