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Hip replacements are supposed to improve mobility and reduce pain, but many devices fail months or years after the surgery. Some products fail through the course of normal wear and tear, but others malfunction because they are flawed. If a faulty hip replacement caused you harm, the Fort Lauderdale lawyers at Anidjar & Levine can help you. Our experienced product liability attorneys represent victims of defective devices. We can help you hold a manufacturer accountable for a faulty hip replacement.

Symptoms of Hip Replacement Failure

Hip replacements are prosthetic devices that sometimes fail and cause injury. Some may fail within months of the surgery, but others may take years to show signs of trouble. Hip replacement recipients should stay vigilant for signs of possible failure. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Pain and swelling around the hip, groin, and thigh;
  • Loosening of the artificial joint, which can cause fractures;
  • Severe pain and instability when walking, running, or carrying heavy objects; or
  • Popping or grinding noise at the joint.

Individuals with metal-on-metal implants should also look out for signs of illness on other parts of their body. Thyroid dysfunction, skin rashes, and problems with the kidneys may be symptoms of metal poisoning caused by a defective metal-on-metal hip replacement. A failing device may require additional surgery to replace or repair it. Other complications that arise, such as infections and fractures, may require more surgery and treatment as well as rehabilitative care.

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Hold a Manufacturer Accountable for a Defective Device

You can hold the hip replacement manufacturer liable if its faulty product hurt you. This means that you must show that the device was flawed. The victim has to prove that the product had a defect in its manufacture or design, or that there were marketing defects like insufficient warnings. You also would need to show that the flaw caused your injuries. Finally, you must prove that the device was defective when it left its maker’s control. A manufacturer may not be held accountable if the product was substantially altered before it reached the victim.

You can hold a product manufacturer strictly liable if the defect in the product made it unreasonably dangerous. Alternately, you can try to show that the defect was a result of negligence by its maker.

A defective hip replacement device is likely to injure more than one person. Numerous victims can file a mass tort claim against the device manufacturer. The plaintiffs can collectively benefit from the pooled resources and investigation that go into preparing a mass tort case. Each person will be able to recover for his or her own damages, which can extend to medical costs, pain and suffering, and other forms of compensation.

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Medical Malpractice Arising from Faulty Hip Replacements

Surgeons should determine which type of hip replacement offers the greatest benefit and least amount of risk to each individual patient. Some factors to consider include a patient’s age, height, weight, activity level, and overall health. A surgeon must also provide adequate post-operative care after hip replacement surgery. If a doctor is negligent in selecting the appropriate hip replacement or in the follow-up care, you may have a claim for medical malpractice. You would have to demonstrate that the medical provider acted below the standard of care that a medical provider with the same qualifications and under the same circumstances would consider acceptable. You must also show that the doctor’s failure to use the appropriate level of care caused or contributed to your injuries, and that you incurred actual damages as a result.

Serving Hollywood Residents Injured by Defective Medical Devices

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