What To Do when Someone Hits Your Parked Car? If someone hit your parked car, you can file a claim for compensation – and we can help.

If someone damaged your parked car, you should take steps to document the accident and call the police to make a report. You will also want to notify your insurance company of the incident.

From there, you may want to consider how a lawyer from our team can help you gather additional evidence and seek the best possible compensation. We can help you file an insurance claim, handling every step of the process for you.

Steps to Take at the Scene

There are several important steps you can take to begin building your case after a parking lot accident. If possible, do the following:

Document the Incident

Almost immediately following the accident, you will want to:

  • Make sure that you take photos of the damage to your car as well as any crash evidence surrounding the vehicle, such as skid marks or vehicle debris. If possible, take both close-up photos of the damage and broader views of the crash site.
  • Make notes about the location and time of the accident.
  • If the other driver is present at the scene, ask them for their contact and insurance information.

Note Details from Witnesses

If anyone nearby the vehicle witnessed the accident, ask them for:

  • Identifying details about the other driver’s car, if the driver left the scene
  • The details of how the accident happened
  • Their contact information

Call the Police to Make a Report

The police report could be an important piece of evidence for your case. The officer may investigate the scene and file a report of the crash.

Leaving the scene of an accident when property damage is involved is a second-degree misdemeanor, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). If the driver who caused your crash left the scene and they are identified later, this discovery could be another compelling form of evidence in your case.

Insurance Claims After Parking Lot Accidents

You would first go through your insurance coverage to file a claim. You may make use of the following forms of coverage to do so:

  • Collision coverage: This type of coverage may be applied when you need to pay for repairs to your vehicle after an accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: You may be able to apply your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy to a parking lot accident scenario, as this accident could be considered a hit and run.

We can help you determine your insurance policy coverages and what forms of compensation you may be eligible to pursue.

How do You Prove Someone Hit Your Parked Car?

You’ll want to collect as much evidence at the accident scene as you can. As mentioned, taking photos of the damage and filing a police report are good first steps.

Then, be sure to document any accident-related expenses you incurred. For example, hold onto any receipts for repairs to your car.

If all goes smoothly, the insurance company may make you a fair offer based on this evidence. However, you may run into complications with your claim. We can help in these situations.

Should You Work with a Lawyer If You Were Involved in a Minor Accident?

You may think the claims process will be a relatively simple one. However, it’s possible that the insurer may:

  • Deny your claim
  • Make you a lower offer than you deserve

On the other hand, you may simply need help with understanding your insurance coverage options and seeking the most compensation based on your policy.

We can make sure that:

  • Your claim is filed with compelling evidence.
  • Someone is on your side at the negotiating table.
  • Unfair insurance tactics don’t hold you back from seeking compensation.

Affording a Lawyer

You may not be sure if you will be able to pay for a lawyer on top of the costs related to your accident. However, we don’t want you to worry about those concerns.

We will take your case based on contingency, which means:

  • You owe us nothing upfront to get started with your case.
  • We receive payment for representation only if we win for you.

You don’t have to wait to get legal help. Our fee structure comes with no financial risk to you.

Our Lawyers can Help You with Your Case

You may not know what to do when someone hits your parked car—and that’s OK. We can explain your options and help you with every step of your claim or lawsuit.

When you work with our accident lawyers, you can expect:

  • A free initial case review
  • To receive your attorney’s phone number
  • Availability for communication 24 hours a day, every day of the week
  • No hidden fees or costs

If you need help with getting your car fixed, we can even help you make those arrangements. We will go the extra mile for your case.

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