What Is The Minimum PIP Coverage In Florida? If you or a family member suffered damages due to a car accident, you might be eligible for compensation.

According to Florida insurance requirements, the minimum personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is $10,000. This amount can be used to cover up to 80% of the necessary medical care that results from a car accident. Anyone who owns a car in the state of Florida is required to have PIP insurance coverage before the vehicle can be registered.

PIP insurance coverage is a legal requirement in Florida, even if you do not drive or own a car. Additionally, if you are leaving the state, you are required to maintain PIP protection until you register your vehicle elsewhere.

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Understand the Full Protection that Minimum PIP Coverage in Florida Provides

PIP insurance protection will cover you, family members who live in your household, and other passengers in your car at the time of a collision.

The 2019 Florida Statutes state that the minimum PIP coverage in Florida offers the following protections against accident-related expenses:

  • 80% of accident-related medical bills
  • 60% of accident-related income losses
  • $5,000 in death benefits per fatality

In some instances, PIP insurance might also cover chiropractic care, dentistry, and other necessary services provided by a physician’s assistant.

Failing to Maintain PIP Coverage Can Be Costly

Florida law mandates that all Florida residents must have PIP coverage. Failure to maintain appropriate coverage could result in the suspension of driving privileges.

The FLHSMV reports that failure to have PIP coverage can lead to the following penalties:

  • Suspension of your vehicle’s license plates and driving privileges for up to 3 years
  • Costly reinstatement fees if your PIP coverage lapses

These reinstatement fees can cost delinquent drivers as much as $500. Additionally, if a driver is involved in a car accident and does not have PIP coverage, they may face a civil action for the other party’s collision-related expenses.

Every Vehicle Owner Must Have the Minimum PIP Coverage in Florida

PIP coverage in Florida requires the owners of any vehicle with four wheels to have:

  • PIP and PDL (property damage liability) coverage
  • Continual coverage even if a car is not being driven
  • Continual coverage even if a vehicle is completely disabled
  • Protection even if a car is not always physically located in Florida

These mandates apply to personal cars; regulations pertaining to taxis and other rideshare vehicles may differ.

Certain Non-Residents Must Also Carry PIP Coverage

The state of Florida takes the safety of its citizens and visitors very seriously.

In addition to its residents, according to the FLHSMV, the state requires the following non-residents to maintain the minimum PIP coverage:

  • Non-residents who regularly work in Florida
  • Non-residents with children who regularly attend school in Florida

Within 10 days of starting a job or enrolling a child in school, non-residents must obtain the required Florida PIP insurance coverage.

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Collect Payment for Your Medical Expenses

Being involved in a car accident should not leave you with an unexpected or undeserved financial burden. The minimum PIP coverage in Florida can pay for many of your accident-related medical expenses, as well as other damages.

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