What Is An Encumbered Nursing License? An encumbered nursing license has one or more restrictions imposed on it, which may prevent you from working in certain capacities, or from working at all.

According to the Florida Board of Nursing, an encumbered nursing license is one that has been:

  • Revoked
  • Suspended
  • Otherwise restricted

Various nursing boards may have the right to issue a variety of restrictions on your nursing license, and you may have the right to contest such restrictions.

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Possible Encumbrances on a Nursing License

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing lists a variety of encumbrances that may be placed on your nursing license (under Article 7, Sec 1 [a-p]). Possible nursing license restrictions include:

  • Denying an application for license renewal
  • Revoking a license
  • Suspending a license
  • Censure of a license, which may generally mean a public reprimand will remain in your nursing file
  • Imposition of a fine
  • Imposing probation on you (and by extension, your license)
  • Emergency limitation or restriction of a license

The NCSBN goes on to list some of the possible offenses which, if alleged, could lead to an encumbrance upon your nursing license. Such offenses include:

  • Violating patients’ rights, including their right to have their medical information remain private
  • A criminal conviction, or the imposition of a legal ruling that the NCSBN considers equivalent to a criminal conviction
  • Abuse or other forms of misconduct perpetrated during the course of nursing duties
  • Being found guilty of misuse of drugs, whether it results in criminal charges or not
  • Fraud or deception
  • Overseeing the unlicensed practice of medicine
  • Failing to uphold proper nursing standards

Many of these are serious charges, and an allegation of one or more of these charges could lead to a temporary encumbrance on your nursing license.

An Encumbrance on Your License May Be an Encumbrance on Your Life

If you find that your nursing license is somehow restricted, then you:

  • May not be able to work in full capacity
  • May not be able to work at all
  • May be unable to earn a living
  • May sustain a drastically diminished quality of life because of your inability to earn a living
  • May be suffering consequences for allegations of which you are not guilty

If you have received notice that your license could be revoked, suspended, or otherwise encumbered, then you may be able to fight the charges against you or file an appeal for any ruling that has been levied.

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A Lawyer May Help You Fight for Your License

If you are a nurse, then you fought hard for your license. As such, you may want to fight just as hard to prevent your license from being encumbered. Whether you have received notice of investigation or official action, a lawyer may be able to:

  • Investigate the allegations against you
  • Locate any evidence that proves you are not guilty of such allegations
  • Represent you in negotiations with authorities that may have sway over the status of your nursing license
  • Argue for leniency if some form of encumbrance is unavoidable
  • Help you understand the path to reinstating your license

The prospect of an encumbered nursing license is daunting, and a lawyer may provide guidance and legal services during this difficult time.

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