What Do I Do If My Nursing License Is Suspended? If your nursing license is suspended, you can contest the suspension or request leniency through a formal or informal hearing.

You may have a few options if your nursing license is suspended, including:

  • Contesting the suspension by requesting a formal hearing with the Florida Department of Health, according to § 120.569 of the Florida Statutes
  • Requesting an informal hearing, at which point you may not contest the facts of the allegations against you, but may put forth your case for leniency
  • Serving your suspension without contesting the allegations or requesting leniency, and applying for your license to be reinstated

Regardless of the route that you ultimately choose, a lawyer may be able to assist you along your route to reinstatement.

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You Do Not Have to Accept Discipline Without a Fight

If you are facing a possible suspension of your nursing license, then there are several possible reasons why you are being disciplined⁠—which is not to say the given reason is just. Some of the reasons given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (Art. 7, Sec. 3 [a-i]), for possible license suspension include:

  • Being convicted of a criminal offense
  • Violating federal regulations or the terms of your contract
  • Engaging in substandard nursing care
  • Participating in the unlicensed practice of medicine
  • Engaging in fraud or other unethical practices that could be deemed deceptive
  • Violating patients’ right to privacy
  • Being found guilty or accused of a drug-related offense

If you are accused of any of these transgressions, then the Florida Department of Health may conduct an investigation based on any complaint filed against you. If they find probable cause to proceed with punishment based on the complaint against you, then the Florida Department of Health might:

  • Revoke your license
  • Suspend your license
  • Place a reprimand on your nursing file
  • Take another action that restricts your ability to act in your full capacity as a nurse

If you believe that the charge and punishment you are facing is baseless, then you can take the necessary steps to fight against them.

A Lawyer Can Assist You in Fighting for Your License

If you receive a letter informing you that your nursing license will be suspended, then you can:

  • Inform the Florida Department of Health that you are requesting a formal hearing
  • Prepare available evidence that you believe exonerates you from the allegations levied against you

If you would like assistance in this process, a lawyer may be able to help you file the required documents and prepare your defense. A lawyer may also be able to help you prepare for an informal hearing, which may be necessary if:

  • You do not want to argue against the facts of the charges against you
  • You want to request more lenient punishment from the Florida Department of Health

It is possible that requesting leniency could reduce the period for which your nursing license is suspended, or your suspension being reduced to less severe punishment (such as probation).

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