How Do You Negotiate a Settlement With an Insurance Claims Adjuster? Negotiating an insurance settlement can be a tricky process.

You negotiate a settlement with an insurance claims adjuster by working alone or with your own adjuster or lawyer. You can communicate with the insurance company yourself, or you can leave this kind of task for a lawyer to perform on your behalf.

Filing a claim with an insurance company is not something that anyone wants to do, as it likely means that you have some property damage that you need to get fixed. When dealing with insurance companies, you will want to make sure that the settlement that they offer you is fair.

So, it is crucial to negotiate the terms of the agreement with your adjuster in a way that you feel comfortable. Being prepared for these negotiations is essential. You will want to make sure that you have documents to support your request. You may also want to discuss your settlement with a lawyer to help you fully understand your rights.

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How the Typical Negotiation May Progress

After a settlement offer is made, you will have the right to either accept it as is or to negotiate for better terms. You will correspond with your insurance adjuster to show them the strength of your case. The insurance adjuster may point out some weaknesses of your claim as a way to try to lower the settlement offer. There will likely be several offers and counteroffers involved throughout the negotiation process.

The negotiations may be complete after just a few emails or phone calls. Some cases cannot be settled through negotiations, however. If this situation arises, you may have to go to court to get the settlement that you are seeking.

Preparing for Negotiations

After you file a claim, it is a good idea to consider at what amount you may be comfortable settling. A lawyer will be able to help you come up with an amount that is fair compensation for your losses. Your base figure can help you when going through the negotiation process.

Preparing all supplemental evidentiary documents before meeting with the adjuster can be a benefit. You and your lawyer can work together to compile a case plan and can provide proof for your claim.

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If you have an insurance claim and you are not sure what your claim is really worth, you may want to reach out to a lawyer for help valuating your losses.

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