Can I Sue Someone Personally After an Orlando Truck Accident? You can sue someone personally if they caused your truck accident in Orlando.

You can sue someone personally after an Orlando truck accident if:

  • You believe that they are responsible in some way for the losses you have sustained from a truck accident
  • You would like to pursue compensation through a lawsuit rather than go through other means, such as an insurance settlement

There may be no limit on the number of people you can sue after a truck accident, as individuals, businesses, and government entities may be among the class of defendants who could have some responsibility for your accident-related losses.

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A Lawyer May Help You Identify at-Fault Parties

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that a defendant may be named within a personal injury lawsuit if:

  • They acted or failed to act in a way that qualifies as negligence
  • Their negligence contributed in some way to the harm that you have suffered because of your Orlando truck accident
  • They intentionally inflicted harm upon you or your loved one
  • They have a level of liability due to their relationship with one or more people directly responsible for your losses, which could be referred to as “strict liability”

A legal representative may be able to explain various types of liability, how they apply to your case, and who can be sued personally after an Orlando truck accident as a result. In truck accident cases, liability may extend to:

  • The driver directly responsible for causing your accident
  • Any individual or business who employed or contracted the at-fault truck driver at the time of your accident
  • Any parts manufacturer whose product failed to function properly or outright malfunctioned in a way that contributed to your accident or injuries
  • Any government entity responsible for road conditions, if road conditions played a role in your accident
  • Any other individual whose actions put you at risk of harm

Once your lawyer identifies defendants who should be named in your lawsuit, they may:

  • Draft and file your lawsuit in the appropriate court
  • Collect evidence that supports the argument that you were a victim of negligent or intentional behaviors by the defendants named in your lawsuit
  • Determine the portion of your losses and the corresponding amount of compensation that each individual defendant should be responsible for
  • Speak with attorneys for each defendant to see if they are open to negotiating a settlement
  • Take your lawsuit to trial if necessary
  • Defend your rights throughout the legal process

If your lawyer is successful in their mission to prove negligence and liability, you may be able to collect compensation for:

  • The medical costs you have incurred because of accident-related injuries
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of rehabilitating your injuries
  • Any other accident-related losses

A lawyer may be able to complete your case for compensation while you focus on recovery and returning to normalcy.

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You may want to call an Orlando truck accident lawyer as soon as you can, as the 2019 Florida Statutes § 95.11 generally restrict personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits to four and two years from the date of the accident or death, respectively. However, there may be exceptions to these statutes. You may want to speak with a legal team regardless of the time that has passed since your accident.

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