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It is difficult to arrive at an average settlement for a T-bone car accident because there are many extenuating factors. Some of which are the extent and severity of injuries, property damage, and whether the at-fault party committed a particularly egregious act of negligence or omission.

Insurance companies and/or the court consider both your economic and non-economic damages when you request compensation.

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Factors That Could Affect Compensation for a T-bone Accident

There are several factors that affect the average settlement for a T-bone car accident, including:

  • Extent and severity of your injuries
  • How your injuries could prevent you from returning to work or your life’s activities before the accident
  • Liability or wrongdoing by the other party
  • Insurance coverage and protection from your own policy and the other person’s insurance
  • State laws that may institute a cap on settlement amounts

An attorney on our team can help you understand how these conditions might influence the insurance company or the court as you seek compensation.

How to Get the Most from a T-bone Car Accident Settlement

Our years of successful personal injury practice have honed our ability to seek a favorable settlement because we:

  • Know that the first offer is usually a ridiculous lowball amount.
  • Have won in court against other insurance companies.
  • Do not get paid until you do, so we are motivated to win.

Insurance companies hate to pay claims. A T-bone car accident attorney with our firm can file a claim for you and negotiate with the insurance company.

Damages You Could Be Awarded for a T-bone Accident

Each case is unique. Your damages may include one or more of the following:

  • Medical care and treatment
  • Past and future lost pay
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement

You could also seek additional damages if you lost your loved one in the accident. Some of these losses are burial and funeral service costs and loss of consortium.

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Who Is Responsible for Your Injuries and Expenses?

T-bone accidents are most likely to happen at an intersection, but they can also occur if a car veers out of its lane. A T-bone car accident lawyer on our team can help determine who bears most of the blame and how that could translate into compensation for your medical bills and other damages.

Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Laws and Liability

Florida Statutes §627.7407 requires that drivers carry a minimum amount of personal injury protection (PIP) to cover the first $10,000 in damages for their medical bills and lost pay, whether they caused the accident or not.

This statute does not excuse liability or responsibility for accident damages that exhaust the $10,000 limit. As such, if you or a loved one was severely injured and the financial losses exceed the insurance policy limit, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

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How an Attorney With Our Firm Proves Liability for a T-bone Settlement

Proving liability depends on gathering evidence. Some of this evidence is in the form of a moving violation to the other party when the police officer on the scene determines that he or she is to blame.

Other evidence requires more research and resources, such as:

  • Videos or photos from the scene or even of the impact itself
  • Witness statements
  • On-board digital information from each vehicle
  • Traffic light timing information
  • Cell phone records to see if the other party was texting or using the phone at the time of impact

Our attorney who handles T-bone car accidents understands the required burden of proof that makes it possible for you to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

Injuries Can Be Worse in a T-bone Accident

Unlike a rear-end collision that puts the entire back end of your vehicle between you and the other vehicle, many cars do not have much protection for broadside impact. Although side airbags and other safety devices have increased the potential for drivers and passengers to survive a T-bone accident, your injuries may be more severe in this type of collision.

These injuries might include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Concussion (minor TBI)
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord or neck injury
  • Internal bleeding

It is vital that you follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for rest, medication, and other care. This advice is for your best health and avoids jeopardizing a settlement with the insurance company.

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