How Much Money Can I Get for a Hit-and-Run Car Accident? You can fight for a fair settlement after a hit-and-run car accident – and we can help.

Insurance settlements for hit and run accidents depend largely on the victims’ injuries and losses. There is no average payout because of the many factors that go into calculating a fair and just settlement. 

Calculating an average settlement would not tell you much about the possible outcome of your case because of the many factors that could increase or decrease recoverable compensation. The best way to learn more about your potential recovery is to talk to your attorney about it after they investigate your collision.

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Recovering Compensation for Your Hit and Run Car Accident

When a driver causes a crash and leaves the scene, the police can often identify them. This allows you to pursue damages based on their insurance coverage, just as you would in other types of accidents.

It may be possible to determine a fair settlement value range for your case, demand the insurer appropriately compensate you, and negotiate a settlement that will do so. A car accident attorney from our firm can help you manage this process and handle the legal aspects of your recovery.

What if I need to File an Uninsured Motorist Insurance Claim?

In some hit and run cases, the police never identify the at-fault driver. If this happens in your case, you may need to file a claim based on your uninsured motorist insurance policy. Some states don’t require this type of insurance coverage, but many people purchase it as a part of a package with their other policies.

Proving your damages and the financial impact of your case will happen the same way, no matter if you are filing a claim based on your policy or someone else’s liability policy. However, deadlines may differ. Your own insurance company may require you to notify them about your collision within days or weeks and file your claim much faster than the deadline allowed for car accident lawsuits.

What Damages Can I Recover Based on The Facts of My Collision Case?

The damages you can recover in a hit and run are similar to those available in other types of crashes. They include almost any costs incurred or financial losses sustained. In addition, non-economic damages are available for your intangible losses.

Your recoverable damages could include:

  • Current and future treatment costs for injuries
  • Income losses
  • Reduced future income
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Together, the value of these damages will make up the fair settlement value of your case. Your attorney will use this range to negotiate with the insurance company and try to reach an agreement without filing a lawsuit or going to trial.

If the insurance company does not agree to a settlement based on the value of your damages, an attorney from our team may suggest pursuing legal action in the appropriate civil court.

Evidence Required to Value Your Recoverable Damages

The documentation you will need to show the value of your claim could include:

  • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenditures
  • Medical bills
  • Documentation of time away from work and missed income
  • Expert witness statements
  • Any proof available of how your injuries affected your emotional health or everyday life

Having the right evidence to show the insurance company when you demand a payout based on your claim is key. This evidence will support settlement negotiations and may make a fair and just agreement possible. 

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Take Steps to Pursue a Settlement in Your Car Accident Case

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